Who Wants to be a BIG BROTHER?!

Mitchell does! That’s right – Baby Martin #2 is coming January 2015! We are currently twelve weeks pregnant!
So far so good… Baby is healthy, I am healthy, and everyone is thrilled!

Don’t worry if you’re thinking it – we’ve already heard for many people that we’re crazy.
And if you don’t believe me, let’s play some Baby #2 Q&A to convince you!

Where will Baby #2 be born? We don’t know! Seriously. It’s about a 50/50 shot whether we will have a Florida baby on our hands. Otherwise we have no idea!

When is Steve graduating his school? We don’t know! First it was October… but then there were some paperwork issues [no fault of his] so he couldn’t start right away. Currently he’s supposed to graduate in mid-December, but this often changes for a multitude of reasons… Right now he’s on track, but we’ve still got six months to go!

Are you moving before or after Baby #2? We don’t know! When you move in the military, it’s all about the orders. They’re basically a piece of paper that tell you when and where to be… and it may as well take an act of Congress to change them. Assuming he graduates in December on schedule, it’s a toss-up whether his orders will tell us to move before or after our due date.

Where are you moving? We don’t know! We’re hoping and praying and trying for North Carolina. I’ve written over and over again about how it became our first home together and we would love nothing more than to go back! But it really depends on what unit Steve gets assigned to. With his job, there aren’t a ton of options. But among the locations are North Carolina, Virginia, California, Hawaii, and Japan! And once we get wherever we’re going, it could be months before we even get into a house!

Where will Baby #2 grow up? We don’t know! When we find out where we’re moving, it’s kind of safe to say we’ll be there for about three years. But after that – who knows!

How old will Mitchell be? Eighteen months!

Now, if you don’t think this year is crazy, you’re probably a little crazy yourself. Or you’re a military family – which I’m pretty sure is the same thing 😉 I’ve pretty much accepted that there is really no point in trying to plan anything this pregnancy. With Mitchell, the nursery was all set up and we were stocked up on the baby gear! This time will be a little different, and thankfully with Mitchell, I’ve learned to be a baby minimalist and realized we can get by with just a baby swing and a Pack-and-Play.

If you’re still reading, you’re all caught up! And you know pretty much everything we do – our family is growing by one and we really don’t know anything else! Maybe we are crazy, but this has always been my dream and I absolutely love this crazy life of ours 🙂 So there is our big news! I promise there will be plenty more pregnancy news to come on the blog 🙂 And thank you to our amazing friend Lindsay for taking our announcement pictures!

10 thoughts on “Who Wants to be a BIG BROTHER?!

  1. Brycen was born 1 month and 3 days before Alanna's 2nd Birthday, we tooo had no idea what life was gonna be like, orders changed and we remained in NC. After a year Matt deployed for almost a year and then it took another year for us to move again. After 7 years in NC, I was so excited. But I understand what you mean about NC being your home. We got engaged, married, and had 2 kids in our “home”. I do miss it sometimes. I wish you the best of luck. XOXO


  2. Thank you!! Gotta love the Marine Corps and all of its unpredictability! We'll breathe a little more once we find out where we are moving… I'm sure you understand that! But we are very excited 🙂


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