Telling the Grandparents about Baby #2

Now that our news is out in the open, one of our favorite parts of Baby #2 so far was telling our parents! It is rare that we get to see either of our families, since we’re stationed in Florida, and they live in Kansas and New England. It is even more rare when both sides of the family are together. It takes a big event. Like Mitchell’s first birthday! We knew we wanted to wait a little bit to tell our family and friends about the pregnancy, and when I realized our families would be in Florida at the same time when I was three months along – it was too perfect! It was decided that would be the time… then we had to figure out how 🙂
A side note – I traveled back to Kansas with Mitchell when I was two months pregnant, and it sure was hard to spend a week with family and friends and keep my mouth shut. I just kept thinking about how telling our families at Mitchell’s first birthday when everyone was together was so perfect, and somehow I kept the secret!
So this is what we came up with… we celebrated Mitchell’s birthday with a construction themed party! At first I was a little sad I couldn’t give Mitchell a huge birthday bash like I had when I was younger, since we really don’t know many people here in Florida. But, when I realized our plans for Mitchell’s party, it was actually perfect that it was going to be our families and our close friends! After the food… and the presents… and about a million pictures… we ate cake. Mitchell went to town with his personal cake, making quite the mess. While I cleaned him up and did a quick outfit change, Steve sat our families down in the living room for the big reveal. Lindsay grabbed the camera, which didn’t raise any red flags because our cameras are practically glued to our hands anyway! Steve cued up a video full of home movies of Mitchell from his first year… with a Big Brother reveal at the end! I really think they had no idea, and just thought it was a sweet way to recap our first year with Mitchell in the family!

While they were naively soaking up the cuteness of Mitchell on screen, they didn’t even notice I was secretly changed him into his Number One Big Brother t-shirt!

Our theme for the weekend was “Happy,” since there really isn’t a better way to describe how we feel about Mitchell’s first year and the excitement of Baby #2! Here’s the video we showed our parents, and a few pictures of their reactions 🙂

I was pretty excited about this moment and it’s going to be pretty darn hard to top it next go round 😉 Here’s the movie for everyone to see!

5 thoughts on “Telling the Grandparents about Baby #2

  1. Congratulations Kourtney and Steve! (And big brother Mitchell!) Such exciting news for you both, I hope I get to meet Mitchell (and eventually Baby #2) soon!


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