One Year Old

I dropped the ball with the Eleven Month post. And this is two weeks late. But – I will call it a success for posting (nearly) on time for every other month of the year! Here is where my monthly posts stop for Mr. Mitchell, though. I’m a little sad knowing he is no longer a baby… but I fear not that this blog will continue to be plastered with Mitchell posts for the entirety of its existence. 

I was talking to my husband the other day about what we could change about Mitchell if we could. Of course, he is 100% perfect in our eyes… but, come on. There is one thing I would change. Ever since he learned he could roll over, he has been anti-snuggles! No cuddling with Momma what-so-ever! The only cuddles I get are when I sneak him out of his crib after he is already asleep. And let’s be honest… I’m the only one getting any satisfaction out of that. But I’ve dealt with the one-sided cuddling for the last six months or so, and I’m finally starting to accept our Mr. Independent for his need to explore anywhere but Mommy’s lap. My husband quickly replied with the “perfect Daddy” answer that he wouldn’t change a single thing about Mitchell if he could. My fingers are crossed that our next baby is a sweet lazy cuddler until he or she is four years old! But other than that one complaint, my answer of course was, Mitchell is perfect exactly the way he is 🙂 

Mitchell’s one year appointment went off without a hitch! Official measurements came in at 32 inches and 24.8 pounds… Putting him in the 97th percentile for height and 87th for weight! I know these numbers don’t mean a lot, but it’s fun to track the percentiles and I’m sure someday I’ll want to remember them 🙂 I’m resting assured, however, he is going to be tall and thin. I mean, his Dad, both Grandpa’s, and Uncle are all over six feet with thin to athletic builds. All of them. 

“Mmmm, bananas!”

Good-bye crawling baby and hello teetering toddler! Mitchell has begun to brave the art of “letting go.” Letting go of the couch, coffee table, or hand he is holding and taking a few steps on his own! I was talking to my Mother-in-Law on the phone the other day telling her how it’s a little anti-climactic how he starts to walk and then reverts back into his crawling stage.

We decided, however, it is not that he is apprehensive, because he does not cautiously sit down on the nearest safe surface [i.e. floor]. Nope, this kid takes 2-3 steps and nose-dive accelerates into a crawl… I presume because he knows it’s still his fastest mode of travel. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the case for long though.

We’re still on an unstructured nap schedule, with the only parameter being that a 1-4 hour nap must occur between the hours of 0800 and 1700 or Mr. Cranky Pants shows up at dinner time and results in a 6:00 bed time. The nap can take place in a stroller, car seat, living room floor, crib. Basically anywhere besides Mommy’s lap because that would constitute snuggling. If he starts fussing in the afternoon, his diaper is dry, and his tummy is full, it’s safe to say if you lay him down or put him in the car, he’ll be asleep within three minutes. Everytime I shut his door after laying him in the crib, I still anticipate a major wail to come crying through the walls of the house. But when I peek my head through the crack in his door, he grabs his pacifier, sticks it in his mouth with his adorably-not-quite-coordinated-fat-little-hands, tucks his knees up under him, and lays his sweet little head down on the fuzziest blanket in sight. I’m calling this a big win for Mommy. Especially since he sleeps an uninterrupted 13 hours every night too. I almost feel bad for writing this, but I have a puppy that thinks it’s fun to wake me up all night long. So basically I have a good baby [Mitchell] and a patience-testing-adorable-terror [Dog]. But it’s all good because they are the best of friends during their waking hours 🙂

I feel like his vocabulary is growing daily. It feels like this week alone he’s added a word everyday! So far we have… Da-Da, Ba-ba, Hi, Dog, and Oe [referring to our dog Zoe!]. When we get him to say dog it is soooo cute because it comes out more like, “Dah…wait-for-it… GUH! And what does he say every single time I try to coax him to say Ma-ma? A very proud, “DA DA DA DA DA DA!” It’s almost like someone taught him that. I’m not calling anyone out here… Steve… It’s pretty clear which parent around here is the favorite 😉

If you haven’t figured out from the pictures yet what Mitchell’s favorite part of the day is, eating is definitely up there. Don’t mind the smushed bananas all over his face. The self-feeding stage is a messy one. And his facial expressions kill me! It’s pure happiness when the food is there, and once it’s gone, the world ends.

Of course no food is eaten in this house without the watchful eye of these two terrors.

“No Zoe, you can’t eat all my food.”

“Neither can you Loki!”

Well I guess that’s a wrap on the monthly-Mitchell posts, but we’ll have another little one to start up the baby posts in six short months! We love you Mitchell!

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