[[ Month Two with Baby Two ]]

Here’s the monthly bump date! Yes, we are a little farther along than two months now. But if you didn’t catch last post – we’ve just shared our wonderful news with the world and now I’m catching everyone up with the progress of Baby #2 so far!

How far along: Two months!

Size of the baby: Baby is the size of a raspberry!

Total weight gain: None [Yet]

Maternity Clothes: Thankfully, no.
Sleep: My only complaint is our dang puppy that wakes me up every night! He’s lucky I love him!

Best moment of the month: Lots of good ones to choose from this month! Mitchell and I took a trip to Disney World to see some of our best Marine Corps friends and got to tell them about the baby. (There was no way they wouldn’t have figured it out anyway with no drinks on girls night and no roller coasters!)

And also, coming home to see the hubby and the pups after a week of being gone. Then a trip to Kansas to see Grandma and Grandpa Brim!

Miss anything? Yes! Going to Disney World and Universal Studios and having to skip out on ALL of the roller coasters! I was so sad!
Food cravings: I’ve been eating a whole lot of chips and salsa lately… which I coincidentally ate a lot of last pregnancy. Maybe it’s a craving? But it’s a pretty standard food for me so not very unusual.
Anything make you queasy or sick: An empty stomach!
Labor signs: Way too early.
Symptoms: Apparently pregnancy brain has set in. We were visiting some good friends on Lake Quivira while we were in Kansas and floating around on the boat. It came time for Mitchell’s nap, and I filled up his bottle with a pre-made formula. I laid him down, still talking a million-miles-an-hour, since I hadn’t seen them in forever! Without thinking [or looking], I reached down and gave him the bottle – without the lid on. Consequently, dumping about a third of it all over his face/neck/chest. I felt so dumb – I completely forgot to put the lid on! It was pretty funny though… and I’m hoping this isn’t just the start of seven more months of pregnancy brain…
Belly Button in or out? IN!
Wedding rings on or off? ON! Same as last month, hopefully this time the belly button stays in and the wedding rings stay on! These are certainly some pregnancy symptoms I don’t mind going without.
Happy or moody? Happy! We have so many wonderful things going on in our life right now! Steve is working on a new career path, and kicking butt in school! I spent this month with good family and friends we don’t see nearly enough. And Mitchell is almost one, and this has been my absolute favorite age with him thus far. The summer weather has been absolutely gorgeous, and, we have so many things to look forward to in the very near future!
Looking forward to: Mitchell’s first birthday party and telling our families about Grandbaby #2!

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