Fourth of July Recap

Happy – late – Fourth of July!

And of course, what would a patriotic holiday and a military husband be without some America-themed pictures? I clearly had to take advantage of the opportunity, and my reluctantly cooperative husband wins the MVP of the day because I love these pictures of them so much!!!

“Mmmm… tastes like freedom!”   – Steve

Military spouses know the excitement that rings through the house when you here the numbers 72 or 96. In the normal world this would be a three day [or four day] weekend, but as usual the military has to make their own way of saying things. This weekend it was a 72!!! When your husband works such long days, three whole days of having him to yourself is pretty amazing. My best friend home to have adult conversations with for three days? I was in heaven. Then, we had an unexpected Thursday night family date! It is rare that Steve is awake for more than three hours when he gets home from work. So you can imagine how often we leave the house on weeknights. Pretty much never. Last week he went to the gas station and filled my car up with gas. That was exciting. So with Friday off, we not only decided to leave the house, but do something fun! There is a big (but very touristy) shopping area called the Destin Commons nearby. Kansas City folks – think The Legends, but not quite as big. They’ve added on a bunch of shops and restaurants recently (Charming Charlie’s included – yes!), and Thursday night was their grand opening! Complete with fireworks! Knowing traffic would be absolutely crazy, we grit our teeth and told ourselves if it was too busy we’d just get ice cream from Sonic across the street and call it good. But it turned out to be a lot less crowded than we thought. We stuck around until 9:30 [two hours past this family’s bedtime lately – thanks EOD school] to watch the fireworks. We were unsure which direction they were going to set them off, so we found a spot in a central courtyard. Turns out we were in the middle of it, because the finale consisted of fireworks circling us in every direction all around the courtyard, going off over our heads.

And it was our engage-aversary! I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but I love the Fourth of July, because that is when Steve proposed! My Marine boyfriend was looking too irresistible in that dress uniform with a gorgeous ring during the fireworks finale to do anything but say yes! Looking back, I think we were young and crazy for never doubting ourselves for a second. I don’t want to think about 21-year-old Mitchell down on his knee just yet! But that was one of the best nights of my life, and I couldn’t be happier – then or now. And the next day we decided to get married on September 4th, exactly two months from the proposal.  A pending Marine Corps training workup and Afghanistan deployment may have had something to do with our decision to expedite the process, but now that it’s all said and done I would do it all exactly the same if I had the chance. So happy engage-aversary to us!

Can you believe this was four years ago?! Helloooo PFC Martin and lifeguard tanlines!

And to top off the weekend when I asked Steve a few days beforehand if his class was doing anything for the Fourth of July, he told me they were… and apparently all 15 of them were planning on a cookout at our house… news to me! But we pulled the corn hole boards out of the garage, fired up the grill, and hung out at the house for the day – and completely failed to take any pictures. But it was a lot of fun!

And last, but not least, throw in a new toy :]

It was a pretty great weekend. To kick off a pretty great month. Can’t wait for the rest of our July excitement to commence! 

8 thoughts on “Fourth of July Recap

  1. Thanks Desiree! I've actually thought about that before – how I would love to take family pictures for you guys! And then I'd be published on the famous Macke Monologues 😀 It's bound to happen on of these days!


  2. Don't feel bad, my 4th of July post was super late as well. Glad you guys had fun! Bed time in our house is early too…Logan goes to bed not too long after I put Easton down… about 2000! Must be a Marine thing- so I completely understand your excitement at getting to stay up past bedtime! haha Love the new toy too, btw! xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest


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