Brothers and Blue Angels

This past weekend my brother Colby came to Florida to visit! Lucky us, we’re a good stopping point on his route between our parent’s house (in Kansas) and his new school, and even luckier, he left a few days early to visit us! I know I was excited to see him, Mitchell loves him to death, and Steve had a lot of fun having another guy around the house. So all-in-all we were ecstatic to have him! I really did not expect to have this many visitors during our time in Florida, since we are pretty far out from our friends and family in Florida, and we’ll be here less than a year. But we have been so happy to welcome all the people who traveled to see us! 

Naturally, we spent the whole weekend at the beach. We actually hadn’t been in awhile with the craziness of Mitchell’s birthday and traveling, so spending the whole beach definitely caught us up on our beach quota. And sunburn quota. Mitchell was the only one who escaped the weekend unscathed – we all wore sunscreen but he was the only one doused in 110 SPF on the hour. It still amazes me how beautiful the beaches are here, and the water was so refreshing in some HOT HOT HOT weather. 

It’s stays shallow for quite awhile, and with Colby here to watch Mitchell, I got the chance to go out and swim too!

Wait Mom, where’d he go? 

Lookin’ so cool in Mommy’s his shades 😉

We also took Colby to one of our favorites – Margaritaville. Which Mitchell was clearly excited about 🙂 It’s pretty much a staple anytime someone comes into town to visit us. 

Day 2 with Colby in town we decided to head down to Pensacola. I had been looking for something to do over the weekend earlier in the week and saw that Pensacola was having it’s annual air show on the beach. And the Blue Angels were flying! Colby and I had never been to an air show, so pretty much any air show probably would have seemed pretty great. But the Blue Angels were flying out of NAS Jacksonville, on their home turf. And, after being grounded from their flight schedule for 2013, their homecoming show was a pretty big deal. I have no idea how many people were actually there, but from what I’ve read, they estimated the attendance to be about 100,000 people! Somehow, we managed to avoid pretty much all the traffic. We weren’t one of the crazies who got there on Thursday or Friday and camped out for parking and beach real estate. But we did get up early to get there at 7:00, when the Blue Angels weren’t schedule to fly until 2:00 pm. But we’re glad we left early! We decided to hop over to the barrier island and follow the smaller road down through the state park along the island, instead of taking the main roads down to Pensacola. Which we were so glad we did, because we didn’t hit any traffic until we were right where the show was! And the alternative bridge in Pensacola was NUTS. Parking was crazy, and we were a little worried we would be too far from the show when we kept driving away to park. But it wasn’t as far as we thought, probably because we were driving about 2 MPH, parking and the show were FREE, and we got a great spot on the beach close to our car, where the Blue Angels flew right overhead! 

If you’re going camp out and wait all day in the heat, I’m pretty sure this is about the best place imaginable to do it! Steve and Colby spent pretty much the whole day in the water. We brought goggles – but they were wishing they had snorkels. Had we known how close we’d be able to park to the car and trips over the sand dune were really easy, we definitely would have brought a football and the corn hole boards! But having never been before, we packed up everything in a few bags in case we had to hike a way to get there. Oh well. Maybe we’ll make it back again someday 🙂

Steve and Colby brought us back lots of cool things from the water – they found this little guy out there 🙂 

Mitchell had a pretty great setup. Taking the Pack & Play to the beach was about the best idea we had, besides the shade of course. It kept him from getting sandy all morning, and he just hung out and played. We eventually got him out to play in the sand and cool off in the water, but when you’re on the beach with a baby for eight hours, containment and shade are PRICELESS! 

The best part of the day by far was while we were setting up our spot for the day, and I hear “Mama” from this guy! I felt like he said “Daddy” forever ago, so it feels pretty great to now be included in his vocabulary 😉

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

I’m still thirsty Mom! 

Sand castles with Daddy 🙂 And Uncle Colby [still] in the water swimming. 

We met a really nice family who let Mitchell play with all of their beach toys! 

After all the excitement, this is how Mitchell spent the next few hours! [And don’t worry, that’s not a sunburn, the red tent makes it look like it though!]

The other planes centered their show around the pier, which was a little farther down the beach. But the Blue Angels were all over the place, and a lot of the time they were right overhead!

There were boats on the horizon as far as you could see. We decided if you have a boat, that’s definitely the way to go! Steve is convinced we’ll have a boat someday to do this 🙂 

We were so glad we went, even though it was a long and hot day. I was especially glad we could bring my brother with us – it made it that much more fun. The rest of the weekend was spent grilling hotdogs, sitting on the couch, and applying aloe. And this is how you know it’s a successful weekend 🙂 Especially since he slept 13 hours last night, woke up for two, and is already back down for a nap! 

Coming soon on the blog…
Mitchell and I are headed to Martha’s Vineyard in a few days to visit Grandma and Grandpa Martin! Time to start packing 🙂

One thought on “Brothers and Blue Angels

  1. So glad you got to spend the weekend with your brother. The pictures of the air show are AMAZING! And I love the setup you had for Mitchell! Looks and sounds like fun!


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