Martha’s Vineyard 2014 – July Edition

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, but when Grandma Martin asked us to come visit her at Martha’s Vineyard this weekend, we couldn’t say no. You may remember our trip to visit the Vineyard last summer, here. Mitchell was a tiny little thing, so it was much more exciting now that he is [kind of] walking and [kind of] talking! We hopped on a plane early on Thursday. Steve dropped us off at the airport on the way to work. Mind you, he leaves for work at 4:15 in the morning, so it was early. It felt like it gave us a whole extra day there, though, since we arrived early in the afternoon. 

Let’s talk about flying with a one year old for a quick minute. Last summer it was easy – he was in my baby carrier the whole time fast asleep, and besides having a few extra pounds added to my front half, there wasn’t much to worry about. This time, however, was a whole new ballgame. The following is a list of things I was immensely thankful for on our five – yes, five plane rides in five days.

1. Goldfish. Mitchell wouldn’t eat anything with any nutritional value for the entire first day of flying (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so I relied on them both for sustenance and their entertainment value. We tried our best to keep the mid-aisle dropping and subsequent crunching all over the floor to a minimum, but I’m publicly apologizing to the stewardesses who had to deal with the few casualties that escaped my reach. 

2. The US Airways employee who sought us out in the waiting area of the Fort Walton Beach airport to give us our reprinted boarding passes in our own aisle. I didn’t even think to ask. I guess it wasn’t hard to find the infant-in-lap customers when there is only one kid half-toddling half-crawling around the waiting area. But I was seriously grateful to have our own row. Which gives momma’s the opportunity to discreetly change diapers on your lap without anyone noticing and judging, and avoid the changing tables in the bathroom. Win. And since my child refuses to sleep on my lap but will sleep anywhere else, he ended up like this for the whole flight… 

3. Jake and the Neverland Pirates on my iPhone. 

4. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn apps on my iPhone. 

5. The fact that we only had one flight sitting next to a person with an iPad, which Mitchell thinks is infinitely better than an iPhone. Bigger is better? I managed to only let him reach over and turn the page on her book three times. Luckily, she worked in a pediatric hospital and loved children, and was more patient that she probably should have been. 

6. A three hour layover when your first flight is two hours delayed. [Even though we had to sit on the runway for these two hours. I knew better than to pre-board. That 20 extra minutes in the waiting area that turned into two hours could have been much better spent letting Mitchell run in circles than smushing goldfish on yet another seat-back tray table. Especially when the second half of the flight got to wait in the waiting area during the delay. Oh well.]

7. The guy in our row who was so angry about the delay he decided to leave and give up his seat, opening up a window seat on a full flight I effectively used to block Mitchell in. And what does another flight not on Mommy’s lap mean? It’s like he does it on purpose. My child refuses to snuggle. 

8. His fuzzy blanket he has become seriously attached to in the last few weeks.

9. The very patient man sitting next to me on the final flight who gladly let Mitchell open and close his seat-back tray table 400,000 times during the course of the flight. In fact, he encouraged it. And I didn’t get any turn-around glares from the man in front of him, so I don’t think he noticed. 

10. And to round out the list, I’m going to add all of the passengers on our fifth and final flight. First of all, there were two F-35 and an F-15 pilots sitting in our row and one ahead of us – giving me confidence that in the 1/1,000,000,000th chance that a medical emergency rendered both of our pilots incapable of flying, we had plenty of qualified individuals on board to land the plane safely. Mitchell made his rounds saying hello to the pilots and everyone else in our general area, who were surprisingly chipper given that our flight was delayed and the Charlotte airport had been shut down for a good part of the afternoon. But needless to say, everyone was extremely glad when the wheels touched down on the runway. At which point Mitchell decided to stand up on my lap and look back to the remaining 10 or so rows behind us in row 4. He’s on a waving kick (which is adorable, yet sometimes annoying because you have to wave back to him every 20 seconds or so for the whole day – how can you not?), so he waved to the general area of the back of the plane. To which he was rewarded with all 40 or so passengers waving back. He smiled and laughed, and was so happy he started clapping… to which all his waving friends clapped back in a round of applause. I was DYING! It was hilarious! Mitchell thought he was the greatest thing since an entire ziplock baggie of goldfish, and it was quite the comic relief for me after five flights with a one year old. I can’t help but love that boy. 

ANYWAY, enough about flying, and onto the actual point of this post – our trip to Martha’s Vineyard. Both our house and Grandma Martin’s house are about ten minutes from the airport, so it felt like we were getting door-to-door service. Prepare yourself for an obnoxious amount of pictures, but if you know me at all, this disclaimer really isn’t necessary. Mitchell was happy to see Grandma Martin, and I think the feeling was mutual 😉

Our first night in town we went into Edgartown to eat. When we were walking into town we found a fun band that Mitchell loved! There were lots of kids up there showing off their moves, so Mitchell wanted to join in of course! And since he’s still in the half-walking half-crawling stage, I got to be his dance partner 🙂

I caught up on some serious sleep while I was there. No street lights, open windows, and pure quietness makes for a good night’s sleep. And waking up next to this sleepover buddy every morning is a pretty great alarm clock 😉

Because who doesn’t want to run around the house with kitchen utensils for hours on end?

We weren’t there for long, but it felt like we were able to accomplish quite a bit in our weekend. Naturally, we spent a lot of time in the pool. How could we not? Grandma Martin’s dog Annie enthusiastically watched from the side, but no matter how cute Mitchell was splashing around with his kitchen utensils and tupperware, she still didn’t want to come swimming.

Hey Annie – fetch!

Thirsty? Hold on, let me dump out your water bowl first.

She’s a pretty good sport.

Mitchell sure loves swimming. And dogs. He looooooves dogs. Which is probably why he said “Doggy” and “Zoe” before “Mama.” Oh well.

Post-swim apple juice break.

All smiles and crooked baby teeth 🙂

And Mitchell wasn’t the only one to enjoy the pool. While I love my photography and spending nap time editing away at pictures, I will say this is a much more relaxing way to spend my three hours of mommy-time. 

We spent quite a bit of time in Edgartown. Which is coincidentally where the best Mexican food (Sharky’s) and the best ice cream (Scoop’s) is. So a natural place for a pregnant girl to hang out. 

I also requested two trips to the Black Dog, a local Martha’s Vineyard favorite, to which my mother-in-law kindly accommodated. I have been craving their chicken salad sandwich for months, so I made sure to eat two while I was there. We also found a cute little spot, perfect for a – wait for it – photoshoot! While taking a little house tour through all the picturesque Cape Cod houses, we drove down a little dead end road with a gorgeous sunset. I very uncharacteristically left my good camera at the house on the night with the best sunset, but we still returned for some Vineyard-y shots the next evening! 

Just a selfie while we’re waiting for the sun to set. 

 The second half of the trip was cloudy.

And a little rainy. What does Mitchell say to rain?

Sit outside and watch me swim everyone!

 We squeaked in a few more pictures between the clouds and the rain. Grandma Martin got Mitchell a pipsqueak-sized Adirondack chair for the backyard. He toddled right over and climbed on up for his picture. No encouragement necessary. This boy is clearly my child because I have trained him to post for a picture.


Does anyone else think pictures of their children throwing tantrums are equally as cute as smiling ones? Only pictures though – sound kind of cancels the cuteness factor. Oh, and don’t mind the belly that is becoming harder to hide. Why hide it? Because I’m still in the I-look-like-I-ate-too-much-Mexican-food-and-ice-cream stage, and while this might be true, no one knows that I have a legitimate excuse. 

We went to an art show. Which was conveniently next to a playground.

We spent our last evening enjoying Mommy’s favorite and a Martin/Vineyard classic – corn and bacon pasta. Per my request. And now that I’m writing this I’m realizing I literally picked what we ate every single meal. But we’ll go with it’s okay since I’m pregnant. Mitchell had his first taste, which he obviously loved. 


He was pretty exhausted from his long weekend of traveling and looking cute.

And a sleeping baby is how I measure the success of a trip. Having stayed only for the long weekend, I was wishing we had more time when we left. Lucky for us, we’re heading back to the Vineyard next month, and Mitchell gets to bring his girlfriend Maybree! 🙂 Catch ya next month Martha’s Vineyard!

4 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard 2014 – July Edition

  1. Oh my goodness that sounds like quite the flight! I am super nervous for out flight to Colorado in October when our baby will only be a month but believe it or not you gave me some hope that it will all be ok.

    Oh and by the way, I have that same Dad's Wingman shirt 🙂


  2. I wouldn't be nervous at all! If you have food ready then you'll be good to go! And I would definitely recommend a baby carrier if you're doing it by yourself! They told me to make sure to have a pacifier ready to help with their ears, but I've honestly never noticed Mitchell having any discomfort at all, even when he was about 10 weeks. You're the momma so you'll know what to do 🙂 I love that little T-shirt – and even more since I found it on sale! 🙂


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