It’s A…

To premise this post, I was hoping for a girl. No, a boy. No, a girl. No, a boy. Okay, I really didn’t know what I wanted. And here are my completely irrational reasons for wanting each gender. 

I was Team Boy for all the practical reasons. Hello! We have all the clothes already. Our bottles are boy themed. Our blankets. All the big-ticket items are gender neutral, but it would still save us a bunch of money! My other reason? Room sharing. Down the road, we’re probably going to have the two oldest sharing a room. And it’s way easier to decorate for a boy room, than a boy/girl room! Despite how simple the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue makes it look. So there was my internal fight for a boy. 

Why Team Girl? Shopping! Dresses! Hair bows! Flowers! Photoshoots! Shopping! Pink, pink, pink! Softball and dance lessons! Although I will say – boy or girl – our children will know how to shoot guns and lift weights. 

Given that all of these reasons are really unimportant, and the fact that about every two days I changed my mind as to what I “wanted,” I guess it’s safe to say I really didn’t care. But the results are in, and… 

It’s a GIRL! I was shocked with the boy outcome the first time, and of course, Steve was right again leaving me in shock for a second time. He’s been referring to my belly as a girl for so many months now, we’re already used to calling the baby “her” and she!” 

We are officially adding little Julia Rose Martin to the family this January! I have a feeling there is going to be some shopping in my future… specifically on Etsy for headbands! Although with the coinciding pending move and due date, I’m limiting myself to 0-3 sized clothes for now 😉 

On the I’m sad it’s not a boy note, it broke my heart having to put away all of Mitchell’s sweet outfits after such a short time, so I won’t lie and tell you I wouldn’t be thrilled to pull them all out again and put them on those cute little hangers! Maybe eventually they’ll come out of those tubs… But I couldn’t be any more excited now, and baby fever is starting to set in, especially now that we can call her by name and daydream about our two little babies growing up together. And once I start getting that baby belly,  I’m sure it’s going to get even worse! ❤ 

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