[[ Roadtrip Adventures ]] Part II: New England

I guess you can call this leg of the trip New Hampshire, because that’s where we slept. But in actuality it was more of a Boston/New Hampshire adventure. We left Buffalo early Monday morning. Brigid was off to her first day of medical school [she’s grown up right before our eyes!!!], and Robin was headed back to her home in Michigan to her Coast Guard hubby and where she is completing her doctorate. My friends may be getting all these crazy degrees, but fear not, I am not crazy enough to go back to school. I am perfectly content at my current education level and do not plan on adding any credentials besides Mommy of 2 to my plate any time soon 😉 There wasn’t much left for us in New York, so we were off in our car of three (Mom/Kid/Dog) after our weekend of fun (it was actually Sunday and Monday of fun, but you get the point). We drove straight through, thanks again to cartoons in the car on repeat, and made it to Grandma and Grandpa Martin’s house in no time! 
That night we had dinner with an old high school friend, which was so fun. I failed to get any pictures. Probably because I spent most of the dinner trying to keep Mitchell from dumping over glasses, pulling off the table cloth, and sharing his goldfish with the rest of the restaurant. I took my cheeseburger in a to-go box [mom-life] but it was so nice of her boyfriend to keep him entertained while we chatted and I finished my dinner out of a to-go box in the park afterwards 😀

The next morning we headed into the city. NO, not New York City. I’m not that crazy. Boston. So just slightly crazy. Or at least my Kansas roots consider Boston to be crazy. With no husband to pawn that ridiculous driving on, I was stuck navigating the toll booths and tunnels solo. I will be the first to admit that city life is not for me, but we survived the traffic and busyness and made it to our Boston meet-up surprisingly easily.

Flashback to my glory days three years ago – I was on the rowing team in college. Pictures make the sport seem so elegant, but, at least in Connecticut, it’s was a lot of early morning, hard work, and freezing your butt off. Despite those aspects of the sport, I’m so happy I survived my four years of it during college. I had some great teammates, many who are conveniently centered around the Boston area. Two years ago we had a meet-up in the city when we were passing through, and on Monday I was able to meet up one of my old teammates! Janan works at the New England Aquarium, and gave us our own personal tour in the morning!

Mitchell loooooved the stingray and shark petting pool, but wasn’t too happy when I broke the news to him that he couldn’t swim with them.

And when he saw the seals, he excitedly shouted, “doggie!” We’re making progress though. A few days ago he ran up to a squirrel in a park yelling, “doggie,” and was about two feet away from learning the hard way the difference between those two animals… We’re working on it. 

We stopped at a little park after the aquarium, and Mitchell had fun playing with all the city boys in the sandbox!

After a little reminiscing and a lot of catching up on life, Mitchell, Loki, and I continued south to Woods Hole, MA on the way to our destination for the next week – Martha’s Vineyard! In my New England days I became less intimidated traveling state-to-state when I realized they’re not that big. So it took us about an hour to make it from Grandma Martin’s home, and then another hour or so to the ferry.  We met up with Grandma Martin there [Grandpa Martin would tag along in a few days] for the week-long trip! 

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