[[ Roadtrip Adventures ]] Part III: Martha’s Vineyard

Road trip. Part III. Long post, so here we go. It hasn’t been long since we visited Martha’s Vineyard… after all we came up here for a four day weekend only a month ago. But when we left, I felt like the visit was just getting started! It wasn’t too hard to leave, though, knowing we were headed back for this trip so soon.

Instead of flying this time, we took the Exploder over on the ferry. [We would need it for the three carseats, three adults, and dog we would be exploring the island with in a few days]. That car has been so amazing for us since we got it last fall, and after 25,000 miles in under a year, I like to think we’re using it to its full potential. Driving on the ferry can be a little intimidating, but after my precision driving practice in Boston this week, we made it over just fine.

Off to Grandma Martin’s house we went! Usually our Vineyard trips are filled with a whole lot of, “whatever we feel like doing when we wake up that day.” But this time we had a few things on the calendar. After Mitchell and I had a night to settle in on Wednesday evening, Lindsay and Maybree arrived for the long weekend!!! When we were planning our visit [which we have been doing since we left Disney World in May], Lindsay said her sister Leslie would love to visit Martha’s Vineyard. Barely a mention to my mother-in-law, a quick text to Lindsay, and it was decided Leslie and her munchkin Tanner were coming along for the trip! Which made it that. much. more. fun! Hence, the gratefulness for a vehicle that could accommodate three adults, three carseats, three Pack and Plays, three strollers, and a dog. I swear Ford is not paying me for this advertisement.

A quick side note – Steve and I did much of our dating in college when I went to visit his family on the Vineyard for the weekends while he was waiting to ship off to Parris Island for bootcamp. The ferries run every 45 minutes, and one of my favorite memories was the time he rode the ferry over and surprised me, just so we could ride it back together. It still makes me smile when I think about it 🙂 Was that really five years ago?!

So, when Lindsay and Leslie showed up, I couldn’t resist leaving Mitchell with Grandma Martin for a few hours and meeting up with them in Woods Hole to ride the ferry back over! Plus, I figured two extra hands would come in handy juggling all the stuff they would need to bring for the kiddos. Loki tagged along 😀

We spent the weekend doing all the touristy things we could think of. Edgartown, Vineyard Haven, the beach, Black Dog, etc. Of course, what is a little outing without matching strollers? This wasn’t exactly planned, but we got some funny looks (and I overheard some passerby’s commenting) on our little posse of babies in Jeep strollers. I’ll admit though, it was a little funny. Here they are at Black Dog.

And downtown in Edgartown.

We spent a morning seeing the Gay Head lighthouse up island.

We ambitiously decided to hike down to the beach (which is much farther than it looks), only to find the parking down by the beach. Oh well. Mitchell is getting too big for this thing, but for the sake of my arms we used it anyway. Tanner fit perfectly though.

I rethought the front-carry-on-the-baby-belly method and Mitchell piggy-backed the way home. To which Julia and my other organs breathed a huge sigh of relief. 

We spent a lot of time at the house. It makes my heart so happy to see Mitchell and Maybree happy together, and just plays into my fantasy of their marriage one day 😉

The kids made it in the pool for a few swims.

Though the kids [and dogs] may have had the most enjoyment in the pool during the day, it was us moms took full advantage of the hot tub at night.

Taking lots of selfies and sending them to the hubbies just in case they forgot how much they missed us 😉

Some form of dessert was usually on the pre-hot tub late night menu. In this case, Black Dog Blackout Squares 😀

We found these adorable sailboats, and wanted to take some pictures of the kids with them.. Luckily, Lindsay loves photography just as much as I do. People were even stopping to ask if they were twins!

We got some pictures with our littles too before they aren’t so little anymore.

And some pictures with my growing Julia ❤

Of course, we did plenty of sitting around the house too.

On Monday, we packed up Lindsay and Leslie and sent them back to the mainland on the ferry. It wasn’t too sad though, because our next stop on this trip is to their hometown – which in conveniently right on our way back to Florida.

We spent a another day relaxing at the Vineyard with Grandma Martin – Grandpa was already back  to work in Boston for the week. We got to rest up a bit for the last leg of our trip. And now it’s off to Pennsylvania to stay a few days with Lindsay and Maybree!!! Our trip is winding down, but our excitement definitely isn’t! We got some BIG news and some answered prayers this week I will be sharing very soon 😀

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