[[ Roadtrip Adventures ]] Part IV: Pennsylvania Fall

We began our trip home with a stop in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Between boarding school in New Hampshire, college in Connecticut, military life, and family spread all over the country, it is convenient when we have friends who welcome us with open arms when we’re traveling. No hotel bill and an overdue visit – bonus! Luckily, our good military friends live on the way home, and invited us to stay a few days with them! I guess seeing Maybree on the first and third legs of this trip just wasn’t enough for Mitchell 😉 So we made a pit stop in Pennsylvania for just a few more nights! If you don’t count our quick night last week, we hadn’t seen the Shanks in Pennsylvania since Maybree’s first birthday last year. And since then, they bought a GORGEOUS home I have been dying to see! I am regularly tempted to try to convince Steve to request orders to Quantico, just so we can live an hour apart, but thankfully my practical side [and my husband] remind me why going back to North Carolina is the best option for our family. But you can’t blame a girl for dreaming!
We did the three things Lindsay and I do best when we are together.

1. Shop. Primarily for baby clothes.


After 😀

2. Take pictures. It’s not as easy as it looks, right Linds? 😀

3. Edit pictures while eating. We celebrated the visit with Domino’s pizza and brownies 😀

I held back the tears when saying goodbye to our friends. I don’t know when we’ll see them again, and there’s a good chance the next time will be when Julia is here! The Marine Corps has given us some seriously awesome friends. So many of our friends from Steve’s original unit are no longer in the Marine Corps. I would looooove for Matt to have never been hurt and still be in and live in base housing next door to Lindsay and Maybree for 20 years 😦 But I am excited for Steve to start with a new unit in a few months and start making new friends again!

We continued driving and stopped for a quick night in Charlotte, NC. Steve’s Uncle Tim and Aunt Teri live here, and they graciously opened their home to us for a pit stop on our long drive back to Florida! It was so fun to sit on the couch with his aunt, talk, and watch TV, especially since we watch all the same TV shows. My TV list may be embarrassing, but I am just as excited as the next girl that Farmer Chris is the next bachelor! Add it to my list of things I am thrilled about this winter! I think Steve might even watch it with me this time 😀

I know I said it in my first post, but let me copy and paste this for you.
Can I pause and take a minute to thank soooo many people for their hospitality and open arms? We seriously could not have made this trip without you. There are so many friends and family we were able to visit that we haven’t seen in years, we’ve never even had the chance to meet, or we just don’t see enough, and I am so grateful for the opportunity! Most of all, my wonderful inlaws, the Shank family, the O’Gorman family, and Uncle Tim & Aunt Teri! You guys rock.
And now that we’ve made it home, I’m realizing I’m a month away from my third trimester, we’re moving in two months, and we can finally start to plan anything because WE HAVE ORDERS!!! I can’t tell you what a relief that is after living cluelessly in Florida about our next move for the last six months! More on that later 😀 But for now, I have a car to clean, a giant laundry pile to wash and fold. And chocolate chip pancakes to fix once my hubby and brother wake up, by request of Julia 😉

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