Sesame Street Live

First a quick update on life in the Martin household. Grandma and Grandpa Martin came to visit this past weekend! We did absolutely nothing exciting with them, unless you count a few home cooked meals and a pretty intense game of Phase 10. They just jumped in on our weekend routine and relaxed with us. 

After dropping them at the airport on Monday morning, I was complaining of feeling “pregnant…” which could otherwise be described as “blah.” Still recovering from a cough that’s been lingering for over two weeks now, on top of taking a nap two days in a row [which never happens], I should have known things were going to go downhill. And they did. My two-pregnancy-no-nausea stint was over… and the misery lasted pretty much non-stop for 24 hours. After a whole day with no food or water, and some nagging from the hubby, I called the L&D Triage, who told me to come in and get checked out. Apparently being 24 weeks pregnant, I rate a visit to the maternity ward instead of the normal doctor. Being the I-hate-going-to-the-doctor person I am, I reluctantly obliged and loaded up Mitchell in his stroller, grabbed the diaper bag, and headed to the hospital for my check-up. After a little lab work, they promptly hooked me up to two tallboy IV fluids and some anti-nausea medication. What are the odds that our neighbor would be the one that checked me in and gave me the fluids – and even came over to check on me again this morning. So sweet. Mitchell was a champ and hung out in his stroller for three hours, thankfully only needing goldfish and an iPad to keep him occupied. Thanks EOD School for giving my husband ZERO sick days. Knowing what I know now, I’m soooo glad I went and got the fluid booster, because the pregnancy fun continued for another 24 hours! They gave me a “not quite sure what it is but come back if it gets worse” ticket home. I downed a whole 4 Ritz crackers this morning for breakfast successfully though, so I’d say I’m on the up-and-up. Going on 72 hours now with a bowl of cereal, a handful of crackers, and two glasses of water, I’m cautiously excited for the frozen chicken cordon bleu that’s getting popped in the oven tonight for dinner. After being sick on-and-off this whole September (where are you October???), I will say I’m grateful for the following things:

1. An extremely caring husband willing to change diapers, take care of the dogs, fix dinners, do laundry, rub my feet, and pretty much everything else around here that I’ve been slacking on – even though he’s working crazy hard in his school. And he does these things all the time – I just become infinitely more appreciative when I’m sick.
2. An easy toddler. He’s had more mismatched pajamas, Netflix marathons, and Eggo waffles for meals that aren’t breakfast this month [especially in the last three days] than I care to count. 
3. Baby Julia is completely healthy and kicking like a soccer star. I try my best to remain thankful for the reassuring kicks even when it’s on an unsettled pregnancy stomach. 
4. Today’s reruns were the season premiere of Chicago Fire and last night’s Dance Moms.

Despite being knocked on my butt the last few days, I wasn’t going to miss the chance to take Mitchell to see Sesame Street Live! The USO puts a free show on bases all through the country (I remember them doing this at Camp Lejeune too), and this week it was our turn on Eglin Air Force Base! I am so glad I dragged myself out of the house to go. Mitchell loved it… in the beginning of the show he looked like he was in a trance, completely mesmerized by the characters. But he eventually snapped out of it and started clapping, waving, and dancing a little 🙂 Steve even got off work just in time to find us in the audience and catch the second half of the show – which made me so happy because I love family events like this! And I don’t think I’ll ever get over something like my tall hunky Marine showing up in cammies with rolled sleeves after a long day of work to watch singing, dancing cartoon characters in a large room full of screaming kids. Dad. Of. The. Year. At least in my book. So since I am way over my normal text-to-picture ratio, here are the pictures from the show 🙂

They greeted us at the entrance with those awesome light-up spinny toys! Mitchell likes to wait until it’s spinning fast and then stick his face in it. What a boy. You can spot us in the middle section, third row, far right. 

We occupied ourselves with some pre-show selfies. Mitchell hasn’t quite prepared himself for the excitement to come, but here I am with my post-IV-not-quite-so-dehydrated, feeling a little better, excited to be out of the house, no-makeup smile. 

Then Elmo came out and he was over the selfies. 

The show lasted about 30 minutes… and after seeing how much Mitchell loved it, it definitely makes me want to find more events like this to take him to! 

Cookie Monster!

A big thanks to the USO for putting on a free event like this. We really enjoyed it, and judging from the decibel level and high-pitched squeals, we weren’t the only ones 😉

Coming soon on the blog: Time to get ready for Steve’s graduation and our move back to North Carolina! We’re about a month and a half out!

5 thoughts on “Sesame Street Live

  1. So. Much. Fun! Does Mitchell watch Sesame Street? I've been toying with the idea of taking Marcus to something like this, but he doesn't really watch the show, so I'm not too sure it would be a hit for him.


  2. He doesn't really watch Sesame Street often so I was a little surprised how engrossed he was! But he does have an Elmo doll he loves and he recognized him… but I think it was just the excitement of the show. Have you tried the Disney Jr. Live shows on one of your trip to Disney Land? (which I am so jealous of btw!)


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