[[ Month Five & Six with Baby Two ]]

Well I’ve completely failed at my monthly pregnancy updates. Here I am back for the first time since month two?? I’ve also taken barely any belly pictures. Oh well. Here’s a couple of Instagram-pics so I can remind myself how I’m not as huge as I think I am in the months to come. My poor friend Danika is now 41 weeks pregnant and no signs of Baby Olivia coming! And selfishly I’m wishing she was here because now I’m going to have to wait until November to meet her! 😦 Annnnnd here’s my updates from Month Five and Month Six! Looking back and reading what I wrote after Month Five is making me realize how good I had it because Month Six has been a little rough. Here’s to hoping Baby Julia decides to go easy on Mommy for Month Seven 😉

Month Six

How far along: Six months-ish! I still haven’t figured out how they count months when there are technically 40 weeks in a pregnancy. But we’re down to three months and three days until our due date! 

Total weight gain: 8-10-ish pounds? I’ll note last month it was 15 so I’ve started losing weight. [Thanks morning sickness]… more on that in a sec. 

Maternity clothes? Well with the recent weight loss, my old jeans are fitting quite nicely these days as long as I unbutton them after I eat. Mostly regular clothes when I leave the house and want to look human, and yoga pants and gym shorts around the house for the comfort factor.

Stretch marks? Not yet. 

Sleep: My easy sleeping is no-more. I think this is going hand-in-hand with the sickness though because I wake up all night long :/ This never happened with Mitchell so I’m hoping I start sleeping well again. 

Best moment this month:  I’d have to go with our trip to North Carolina. We made a multi-purpose trip to get ready for the move and take care of a few housekeeping things… and it just made me even more excited to move back! We got to relax on the beach, hang out with my mom, eat some good food, get organized before our move next month [which is a huuuge stress reliever for me], and see friends! Oh, and we got on the housing wait list for base housing! Lots of good things coming in the very near future 🙂 Everything we leave at our place here in North Carolina is exactly how it will be when we officially move here in late November, and then we’re traveling for a few weeks. So call me crazy, but I’ve got baby girl’s clothes hung up, the baby swing set up, and the diaper tub stocked up with Newborn’s alongside Mitchell’s Size 5’s. We have a hospital bag compiling take-home outfits and blankets… and her carseat ready too. We’re pretty much ready for her! But our next seven weeks is going to be busy moving and Steve graduating, and the next two weeks is going to be busy traveling. So the planner in me is just planning ahead, which I think I will be grateful for later. 

I love my boy to death but baby girl clothes are just so much more fun to shop for!! Tell me these aren’t the sweetest little snuggly January baby outfits you’ve ever seen. I thought so too so of course I had to get them 😀 

Miss Anything? Eating and not getting sick. 

Movement: Yup. Which I’ve realized doesn’t really go well with morning sickness, but baby girl’s gotta move I guess. I’ve started catching my belly jump around out of the corner of my eye now… and I can poke her to wake her up and get her going if I want 🙂 I keep telling Steve I think she moves more now than Mitchell ever did, but then again maybe I’m just forgetting how much he kicked…

Food cravings: Oatmeal Cream Pies! Someone left some laying around, so I had one. And then I was hooked and had to go get a whole box. And now that I write this I am tempted to eat one for breakfast. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes. Food in general. 

Labor Signs: Nope. 

Symptoms: After no morning sickness with my first baby, and no morning sickness until the second half of my second trimester on Round 2, I am making up for it. I’ve been sick for a month now (literally a month today), but I seem to be on the up-and-up these past few days. I had one visit to the L&D triage when I hadn’t eaten in 3 days and barely had any water, and they quickly hooked me up to two verrrry large bags of fluids to get me back on track. I’m hoping Month Seven is full of pregnancy bliss and no more of this no-eating-no-sleeping nonsense, because those are two of my favorite things to do! 

Belly Button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off? On :]

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy when I haven’t been sick! My husband has honestly been amazing picking up all my slack when I’ve been bumming it on the couch. We’re in such a transition period now – Steve is in his very last section of a eight month school and he’s made it through the hard parts. So we’re just riding out our last month in Florida and preparing to move… for the second time in nine months. Life is a little bit crazy right now so I’ve had plenty to focus on besides baby girl – honestly I haven’t even focused on her too much lately! But they’re all good things happening… I’m just getting antsy and tired of waiting! 

Looking forward to: Steve graduating his school! He’s worked so hard and I’m so proud of him! Then moving back to North Carolina where it feels like home to us. Steve’s leave from work, and for him to get his first break in a long time and being able to spend so much family time together! Our Thanksgiving trip to California to see Steve’s family, and it’s been years since he’s seen most of them! Being able to watch Steve play hockey again, wearing cozy warm clothes and being a “hockey wife!” Our make-shift Christmas living the beach while we’re “homeless” waiting for a house. Baby Julia of course! And moving into a house and settling back into our life in North Carolina. I just got waaaaay ahead of myself there but there are so many good things we have to look forward to – I just can’t wait! 

[Throwback to…] Month Five
How far along: Five months! Over halfway now and it’s all downhill from here! Baby baby baby baby feeeeever! 

Total weight gain: 15 pounds according to the doctor. 

Maternity clothes? Kinda. I can wear most of my regular clothes if I really want to, but it’s usually elastic band shorts when I wear real clothes. But I’ve been rocking the yoga pants the majority of the time. And I have no plans to modify my wardrobe anytime soon. Good thing I don’t have anyone to impress most of the time 😀

Stretch marks? No, and I’m praying it stays this way. 

Sleep: No problems there!

Best moment this month:  Finding out where we’re moving – and it’s our first pick! Now to start the moving process. But we’re breathing a huge sigh of relief. And Steve felt our baby girl kick for the first time this month ❤

Miss Anything? I’ve been getting an itch to go to the gym. Probably because I’m noticeably bigger now. And a lady in public asked me when my due date was for the first time. Guess there’s no more hiding. I’m ready to pop this baby out and start working out again. I’ve still got awhile to wait though so I’ll keep scoping out the Double BOB online for now. 

Movement: All. Day. Long. And night. At our ultrasound this month they couldn’t get the profile shot because she wouldn’t stop moving around! 

Food cravings: Sweets. So basically my usual cravings. Oh, and I have been wanting some Olive Garden lately so we might be making that happen in the near future. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope :] I eat pretty much whatever I want. 

Labor Signs: Nope. 

Symptoms: My growing belly :] But other than that, no. 

Belly Button in or out? In, but slowly creeping closer to the surface…

Wedding rings on or off? On :]

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. A little anxious about the move. Ready to get through September and October so it’s time for graduation, move, and our big Thanksgiving trip! 

Looking forward to: Fall! North Carolina! Graduation! Thanksgiving! Christmas! Julia! 

There. Two months documented. I’ll pat myself on the back now. This is mostly for me to look back on later than anything, but I know our families like reading our bump-dates too. I’ll resume normal blogging very soon with our North Carolina updates and a billion pictures of Mitchell as usual 🙂 Now back to watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my favorite little guy. Happy Wednesday! 

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