Pre-Move Move

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, we’ve got orders! And we’re packing up our Florida home and heading back to North Carolina in November. In just over a month away!!! So I spent the week with this big boy in North Carolina getting ready for our big move. 

 We’re planning on living at the beach until we get a house, and the military will move all our “stuff” into storage until then. Which they’ve told us will be 3-4 months from the time we move there. Apparently we can’t just magically have a house, and have our stuff unpacked in an impeccably clean and perfectly decorated home. Womp. So we’ve been trying to figure out the stuff we might need for Steve, me, Mitchell, Julia, Zoe, and Loki for the next 3-4 months. And trying to figure out how to comfortably fit it all in about 700 square feet. I like to think we’re a pretty low-maintenance family, but kids come with a lot of stuff. Especially when you have a toddler and newborn to pack for. But does it really matter when you wake up to this view?

This is what the car ended up looking like. Yikes. Knowing it was all coming out with us in either October [this trip] or November [next trip], anything I could fit in now subtracted from what we were bringing later. So I tried to use every square inch. I have said it a million times, but I am so so so so grateful for our SUV. In case you are wondering, my mom, a toddler, and a large dog are stuffed somewhere in there too.

Grandma Brim decided a few days before our trip she wanted to come out and visit at the beach! And after a quick consult with Expedia, her flight was booked and we added a pitstop to pick her up along the way. The drive was smooth. But all I could think about is the next time we’re heading North Carolina our whole family will be going and we will be moving! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

On the packing list was Julia’s carseat, baby swing, baby girl clothes, Steve’s hockey bag, work gear, winter clothes, etc., etc., etc. Most of which aren’t small items. But stuff we really wouldn’t want to do without for four months if we could avoid it. [And stuff we really couldn’t live with out i.e. Steve’s hockey equipment. Gotta love him!] Let me tell you how much fun it was to unpack an overly stuffed car after driving 12 hours with a pregnant belly and carry it up two flights stairs. Soooo much fun. I was exhausted by the time I was done. But it was much easier to accomplish with a Grandma around while I did our “settling in.”

 Of course while we were back we had to do our favorite North Carolina things. Like dinner at Mike’s Farm. We got there mid-afternoon, 30 minutes after it opened, and the parking was already full to the road. This place is so much fun in the fall [pumpkins!] and winter [Christmas trees!], but it is c.r.o.w.d.e.d. It was only an hour wait, so we explored a little. Which to the innocent bystander probably looked like Mitchell exploring as fast as his little feet could toddle and my mom and I chasing about 5 five feet behind him the whole time. I looooove going to Mike’s Farm, and I could eat my weight in fried chicken and mac&cheese there everyday. I can’t help but be excited to know it’s going to be Christmas so soon and I get to go back with my little family during one of my very favorite times of the year! 

And then we found the goats.

Mitchell says, “Doggy?”

Mitchell and I scoped out our new neighborhood with a trip to one of the 100 parks. We couldn’t be more excited to be living here soon!!! Now we’re just hoping the wait list moves at lightning speed…

When did he turn into such a big boy?!?! Just marching off from Mommy going to play at the park!

Representing his playoff team. First time either of us have been alive to see the Royals in the playoffs. So we’re jumping on the bandwagon and saying #beroyal and #blueoctober. 

Then we dropped off Grandma at the airport 😦 

But then we met my first North Carolina friend, who became one of my best North Carolina friends for dinner! I took it for granted when I met her and we clicked so easily a few weeks after I moved there [when Steve was deployed and I didn’t know a soul], and we have been friends for almost four years now! Time flies! We ate at Carolina Ale House [if you are sensing a theme, all my social events centered around our favorite places to eat but it’s okay since I’m pregnant], and we also got to watch the Royals win win win! 

Mitchell got to visit his favorite babysitter and his pretend brother and sisters! [I must put in a disclaimer Grandma’s were not included in this calculation]. Mitchell has been going to his babysitter since he was about two months old and I feel so blessed to have someone we can call [half the time last minute or late night], and is always willing to take him in like their own! It’s people like this [especially when we live so far from family] that make this place seem like home. And she always posts pictures like this when she watches him which just make my day 😀

We hung around North Carolina a few days longer than I originally planned. Partly because I was just soaking up the beach and relaxing, but mostly because of this stubborn little girl!  We wanted to wait on our friends to welcome their sweet little Olivia into the world, but she decided to stay put and wait until after we left! We pushed our departure date from Tuesday to Thursday hoping we’d get to meet her [I’d be lying if half the reason was because I wanted to just hang out for a few more days], but it wasn’t quite enough for her, so we left her poor mama looking like this. Baby Julia at 26 weeks and Baby Olivia at 41 weeks. Here’s to hoping I don’t make it quiiiiite this far in my pregnancy!

And we spent our last [fall???] day in October doing this. I can’t get enough of that hotdog filled belly of his. I love that boy more than life. 

Even when he throws a fit because he’s mad I pull him out from under a wave to keep him from drowning. Future swimmer? Diver? Just plain daredevil? Sorry you’re not quite ready for the boogie board yet buddy.

Basically all this trip did was solidify the fact that I can’t wait to get back home! It’s the first place Steve and I ever called home, it’s where we got Zoe, where Mitchell was born, and we started our life together! I know military life is all about change [I’ve accepted it], but we’re grateful for the next 3-4 years we get to spend here and I can’t wait to get started! We’re adding a princess to the family, moving into a new home, Steve’s starting a new job, and I know we are going to make so many more memories in the Martin family in North Carolina – Round 2 🙂 Steve’s five week countdown to graduation week has begun! Until then we’ll be enjoying our last month in Florida 🙂 Now to get this beach place ready for my aunt and uncle to enjoy for awhile before we’re back for good in November! And to set my alarm for 4:00 am… Which would not be happening if I wasn’t so dang excited to see my hubby tomorrow! 

Coming soon on the blog: A weekend with all my boys, including the hubby, Mitchell of course, and my brother! And it’s my brother’s birthday! 

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