Happy Birthday Uncle Colby

Happy 23rd birthday to my little brother! In celebration, let’s play a game called guess the redheaded birthday boy devouring birthday cake in his highchair. I’ll give you a hint – the babies below [in no particular order] are my son, my husband, and my brother. 

If your answer was Baby #2, you are right! There is no such thing as too many redheaded babies – I’m pretty sure they’re the cutest thing on the planet. Especially when they’re smeared in birthday frosting. 

We celebrated my little brother’s 23rd birthday this weekend. Let’s take an age where I started feeling too old and then give it to my younger sibling. Now I’m really feeling old. God is so good – in the nine months we’re spending living in Florida this year, Colby spent about five of them living down here going to school. We’re only here for a short time – both of us are moving away in the next two months, but somehow we both ended up in the same place at the same time! And after living so far away from family for so long, I loved having him around. He’s got to spend so many weekends with us this summer/fall, and it has seriously been such a blessing! Mostly we just sit around on the couch watching Netflix, and the boys [minus Mitchell] drink a few beers and talk about boy things. But it’s soooo fun having him around and he is such an awesome uncle to Mitchell! I’m always begging him to come visit us on the weekends, and now I’m shamelessly trying to convince him to look for a job in North Carolina after he graduates in December. I just love my family. 

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