Countdowns, Climbing, and Catching Up

Because I can’t stand it, let’s just take a look at our list of countdowns

1 day until we schedule our movers…
4 days until my third trimester!
16 days until Halloween [and Mitchell has a costume as of yesterday!]
24 days until the Marine Corps Ball [Dress, check. Tickets, check.]…
30 days until Steve’s EOD Graduation…
31 days until we MOVE to the North Carolina!
41 days until we leave to spend Thanksgiving in California…
52 days until my brother graduates from his Commercial Diving Academy…
71 days until Christmas…
75 days until my birthday…

ANNNNND the big one…

87 days until Julia’s due date! 
And on that note, let’s not take a look at my to do list… And agree that I should probably stop blogging and be productive. Ha, just kidding. Instead Mitchell had a date this morning with his red-headed girlfriend at the local gymnastics gym. We’d never tried anything like this, but he loves climbing everything and being thrown into the couch cushions so we figured why not? A padded playground is right up his alley. Not to mention his little girlfriend is a month older and on an entirely different level of dare. devil. Like throw herself down a six-foot slide in a wet swimsuit and fly off the bottom laughing daredevil. It took us about six months of being here, but we’ve finally made a few good friends I am going to be so sad to leave! Military life strikes again. Can we just start collecting all these awesome people and all be stationed at the same base? 

Yea we know we’re cute so we’re just gonna stare at ourselves in the mirror for a bit… 

Annnnnd I also had my 28 week Julia appointment today. Wait, third trimester, what? When did that happen? I’m having another a baby?! Seriously, some days that’s what it feels like. Until I try to bend over or decide I’m wearing non-maternity jeans and then she politely reminds me… yup – there’s a baby in there. In an effort to remember the whole pregnancy journey… we passed the glucose test so I can continue fulfilling my sweet cravings as I wish, her heart rate was 150, my second trimester nausea is FINALLY over, and I scheduled one last appointment before we are DONE at the Eglin Hospital and headed back to Camp Lejeune before I am due for another appointment! Crazy. I guess I just show up when we move and say, “Hey – I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I think I need a doctor’s appointment,” and see if they squeeze me in? I’ll let you know how that works out. The list of things I’ve learned to adapt after PCS’ing twice in nine months is growing. 

A few things about Mitchell… I stopped his monthly posts but he is changing so much lately and I don’t want to forget all of this! He thinks it’s hilarious when I put his pacifier in my mouth, and now he’s taken it so far to stick it in my mouth whenever I give him a bottle to hold it for him. And while we’re on the subject of the pacifier, he chucks it across the room whenever he sees food he wants. He loooooves kisses from Zoe, not so much from Loki, but Loki is definitely his go-to dog for crawling all over. And whenever he gets tired of the dogs he just crawls in the dog kennel and shuts the door so they can’t get him. So funny. He still loves a couple good bottles of milk throughout the day, and between the two of us, we average about two gallons every three days. And here I thought formula was expensive – milk is about the same! He’s waking up earlier these days – usually about 8:00 am, but he’s still ready for bed about 7:30 pm, and still taking a 3ish hour nap whenever he’s cranky. He insists on being barefoot in his carseat, so whenever we get anywhere I always have to put his socks and shoes back on. He’s anti-snuggles – no changes there. He’ll put Steve’s sunglasses on when you give them to him and gets a giant toothy grin  on his face that makes me think he’s going to grow up to be just like his Daddy. He gets a haircut about every two weeks, which gives me hope Julia’s will grow fast too and she’ll have long pretty hair in no time 🙂 I can’t keep track of his teeth these days but I’m pretty sure we have 8-10 completely in and a few on the surface. Though it’s incredibly annoying now, when he gets a poopy diaper in his crib he takes it off making a huge mess [gross, I know], but it gives me hope potty training will be a little easier when the time comes. He’s still contained by his crib and is perfectly content [and even relieved when he’s really tired] being in there, and he’s discovered it’s fun to throw everything out on the floor and grab the rails and jump like a trampoline. I’m a little nervous to see how he does in a big boy bed [I’m anticipating about 21 months for a transition timeframe – Julia needs the crib], but I am sure he will do just fine, and if not, you’ll read all about it on the blog. He waves and says “hi!” now, and the grocery store a prime place for him to make friends with every passing stranger in the store. He’s more and more outgoing, and loves climbing on things. I took him to the park in the neighborhood we’re moving to while we were in North Carolina, and he marched up to the top of the jungle gym and went down the tallest slide, all by himself, no encouragement. He has excited shrieks when he gets really excited about things, which can bust an ear drum if you’re not careful. He loves eating with a fork now, and will try pretty much anything, but is on a pretty regular banana and waffle breakfast ritual. Eggs are also a favorite around here, but it’s usually not for breakfast. He haaaaates having his diaper changed and kicks and screams as soon as I lay him down, mostly I think because he doesn’t want to be contained… that’s a work in progress. He can climb onto the coffee table and couches now, and he loves sitting in his Mitchell-sized chair with his blankie and watching TV with Mommy and Daddy. He loves pressing the button on the Xbox to turn it off and on, and it’s always inevitably while we’re in the middle of the show or Daddy’s beloved San Jose Sharks are playing. He’s definitely not a baby anymore, and the other day Steve looked at me and in a voice filled with disbelief said, “Honey, we have a toddler.” It’s crazy to think that in less than three months, he’ll be a big brother too. It’s so so so so much fun to be his mom and I love that boy to death. That got a lot longer than I originally planned, but there are so many little things about that boy that make up his little personality and he is so much fun! 

So long story short, Mitchell, Julia, and momma are healthy and ready to tackle the excitement of the rest of 2014!  Starting with planning the move tomorrow. And Steve’s just counting down the days until graduation. And if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this extremely long post, you’re all caught up 🙂

Coming soon on the blog: Mitchell’s fall pictures!!!

3 thoughts on “Countdowns, Climbing, and Catching Up

  1. Ah! Way to remind me that I gotta get on Grace's Halloween costume.. 16 days?! You guys have so so much going on. Sending some good thoughts that all goes smoothly! Love reading about Mitchell.. he is so darn cute!


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