Fall Pictures [and the Fails]

Last night I – attempted – Mitchell’s fall pictures. I needed a model for a mini advertisement I was working on and of course he’s my go-to guy. Mitchell isn’t exactly keen on sitting and posing these days… in fact he wants to do anything but that. Like pick up the pumpkins and throw them on the floor. And then stack them on the stool. And then play with the light switch. And then move the chair. And play with the door stopper. And then run around the room. And stand pretty much anywhere except the photography set. But we prevailed and with the help of my husband… we got a few good ones! We’re pretending like it’s not 90 degrees everyday in Florida and it’s actually a fall season here with a long-sleeved waffle onesie and that adorable owl hat 🙂 And keep scrolling for his Halloween costume pictures!! 

I couldn’t keep this a secret, because I needed these pictures for my photography page. I’m not going to pretend to be mom-of-the-year on this one… It was the cutest one I could find at Walmart in his size on my last grocery run. No Halloween costumes from my sewing machine this year. In case you’re wondering why, see my last post with my countdowns to moving and babies and such. Too. much. to. do. But I think he makes a pretty darn cute Scooby Doo and maybe next year I’ll delve into the art of handmade Halloween costumes via Pinterest tutorials. Until then, Walmart works. Besides – it seems fitting. The first thing he did when we tried it on him a few days ago was crawl in the dog kennel and shut the door. Sometimes we actually wonder if he knows he’s human or thinks he’s a dog. As my husband says, “he’s raised with wolves…” so I guess why would he think anything different? We’re planning on a Trunk-or-Treat event this year on the military base… and staying in for the actual craziness of Halloween. Besides, how much Halloween candy does a toddler really need? The answer is not a lot – but his pregnant mother needs a substantial amount. So Trunk-or-Treating it is. 

And in case anyone thinks these pictures are effortlessly adorable, trust me, there was a significant amount of effort involved. Shoutout to the hubby. These are all my adorable Halloween props I had planned to use. Most of which didn’t make it in the picture. Though Mitchell did bite the stem off of two of those pumpkins. Toddlers, I tell ya. I love that boy to death but all the goldfish in the world can’t get him to sit still. 

Here Mom, I put all of the pumpkins in a basket and brought them to you!” Thanks honey, but can you pleeeeeease just go sit down with one in your lap and smile?

“Get it off, Mom! Get it off!”

I’ll leave you with this gem. This is what he really thinks about his Scooby Doo headpiece. [He was unwillingly tricked into taking the happy ones – don’t be fooled and think he likes it]. All this dressing up your baby is really for the parent, after all. But they’re just. so. cute. How can you not? 

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