Toddler Love

Dear Diary,

Today I got to go on a date with my girlfriend, Presley. We like to do lots of things together, like play at the park, swim at the pool, and jump on the trampoline. But today we went on a nature walk! 

I picked out a special fall shirt and my 2T jeans. I’m getting so tall Mommy didn’t even cuff the bottoms! Mommy said girls love flannel in the fall. I can see why – it’s really soft and comfy! 

Everytime I see her, I can’t help but smile. 

And the best part is, she likes me too!

I feel pretty cool having a girlfriend. I mean I am only 15 months after all. And she’s a whole month older so I snagged and older lady. Good thing Daddy already taught me how to swoon all the girls 😉 

We took turns playing on the tree. I let her go first. 

After awhile, we got hungry so I shared my goldfish. 

I like her so much I let her have more than me. 

We got to watch the turtles. I saw five of them!

We even have matching red hair. And our mommies are friends and let us play together lots.  Mommy calls it a play date, but I think it’s more like a real date. 

She’s about to have a little brother, before I get my new sister. Both of our mommies have really big tummies right now… and they keep getting bigger. They wear yoga pants a lot and they can’t bend over very well. We haven’t quite figured that one out yet. 

Man, this dating business is hard work. I think it’s time for my afternoon nap. 


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