Here’s an unnecessarily long post about how awesome of a day yesterday was. If you’re only interested in the Trunk-or-Treating and the most adorable Scooby Doo in the world, scroll down.

See, I told you. Most adorable Scooby Doo in the whole world. Courtesy of the Walmart halloween section. 

 It’s actually chilly here and starting to feel like fall, but only before 8:30 in the morning and after 7:00 in the evening. We had a breakfast date and nature walk with our friends to kick of the day. You can read more about hereMitchell is pretty smitten with his lady friend. I must share this text message from her mom – “I’m afraid I’ll find Presley Martin scribbled in her Sesame Street coloring book over and over.” So funny.

 I got [a few] good fall pictures of them. Never underestimate the difficulty of taking quality pictures of a 16 and 17 month old. I’m pretty sure I blurted a few desperate, “Just please sit still!” requests, to which they replied with, “I’m going to run in the opposite direction.” To which my lens responded with a  low aperture, high shutter speed, and my photoshop with some brightening and we were in business. Toddler attention spans will not defeat my will to take their pictures. I’ll repost this one [even though it is already on the blog, Instagram, my Facebook, and my mom’s Facebook, but just in case you missed it in the depths of social media]. And yes, these were taken after the 8:30 am feels-like-fall cut off time, and yes, my child was hot, but by golly I was going to get some fall pictures and he was wearing flannel! 

After a fun Florida “fall” morning, we made it home and Mitchell crashed for a nap. That boy can sleep. I sat down to start a sewing project for Julia’s nursery [for a baby we don’t have, for a nursery in a house we don’t have – nesting at its finest]. Just as I was about to pull out the ironing board to iron my fabric, I got a call from my landlord. With a rather short notice to show our house to a prospective renter. I guess I should have anticipated this since we are moving in three weeks. But the possibility just hadn’t crossed my mind. Nothing like a kick in the rear to clean your house. I had just enough time to fold the laundry pile I was saving for bath time [Mitchell can happily play in the tub for an hour, so it’s become my designated laundry folding time… and both need to be done about every two days. There are only so many chores that can be done in the hallway bathroom. Multitasking for the win.] And because an hourly vacuum schedule still wouldn’t be enough to combat the dog hair of two German Shepherds, I ran the vacuum [only after spraying some apple cinnamon carpet freshener I found the other day], and lit a fall candle. The prospective renters came… and left… but then I was sitting in a clean house that smelled like a delicious mix of apple cinnamon and fall scents with a napping child. So of course I was then motivated to start my project – not. I sat on the couch and watched the Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds I missed on Thursday night. Did I tell you this was a perfect day? 

Mitchell woke up from his nap and Steve texted me that he was on his way home from work. And that he passed his two tests today and only has three left until his graduation! [To put it in perspective, a bunch of the class didn’t pass. It’s easy to do since an 84% or below is failing. And they’ve already made it past the “hard” part of the course. And this has been going for seven months, which he wakes up at 4:00 in the morning for and doesn’t finish until 4:00 in the afternoon. I’m pretty dang proud of my husband, but I can’t wait for him to get a break]. Anyway, I gently reminded him about the Trunk-or-Treat we were planning to go to, because I am sure there is nothing he would rather do than take an uninterested toddler to an event with thousands of people on a Friday night after a loooong work day. Luckily, he loves us.

Mitchell pre-gamed with a waffle while I gathered his costume and a candy bucket [aka a beach toy basket from the garage that we didn’t even use, ha], and we headed on base. They were right to warn us there would be a ton of people there. But Mitchell had a fabulous time, walked up to each trunk and excitedly exclaimed, “Trick or Treat!” and politely grabbed a single piece of candy before smiling and saying, “Thank you!”

Juuuuust kidding. We kicked off the night by parking in a patch of cocleburs [more commonly referred to as cockaburrs in this house, but I have now been educated by the Google/Wikipedia team on its correct spelling]. Luckily they were mostly the non-prickly kind, but unluckily, our little Scooby Doo was COVERED in them. His poor tail couldn’t wag because it was stuck to his leg. This is how Scooby Doo felt about Mommy and Daddy trying to pick them all off his costume. 

So we gave up and released the hound still covered in those dang cockleburs . Who we did not educate on the Trick-or-Treating process at all. He doesn’t even know what candy is, so the incentive wasn’t exactly there. If those trunks were filled with goldfish and popsicles and ice cream, he would have been in baby junk food heaven. But they weren’t. By the way, that is a 2T costume up to the knees on my 16 month old. I think he’s going to be tall.  Fear not, our uninterested Scooby Doo in his high water costume found plenty of ways to enjoy himself. 

Like collecting dirt… and bringing it to Daddy. 
Note: Trunk-or-Treaters to the right. Our son to the left. 

And leaves… and bringing them to Daddy.

And rocks… and bringing them to Daddy. 

I guess this is our fault since we excitedly say, “thank you!” when he hands something to us, and he proudly walks away as if he just received a gold medal at the Olympics. And then repeats the process. Over and over and over again. But it’s just so cute! And maybe someday the rocks will become toys and Daddy’s hand will become the toy box and his room will stay perfectly clean until he’s 18. Mommy can dream, right? 

We wrapped up our Trunk-or-Treating experience accomplishing two of my three goals. 1. Most importantly, we got pictures. 2. I can now avoid taking him out on actual Halloween with zero guilt. 3. Use my child to get candy for his pregnant mother.  Maybe next year. [The candy part, not the pregnant part]. Good thing I have a secret stash at home. 

We continued my awesome day with burgers at Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox, a local burger place known for its crazy, but delicious, burger combinations. They’ve actually been on one of the Food Network shows that features little hidden treasures with amazingly delicious food. I wouldn’t say they’re known for their service – they only had one poor waitress working last night with two cooks, and drink refills were more of a self-service kind of thing. We sat outside and put on our sweatshirts when it got chilly, as it entered the past 7:00 pm feels-like-fall part of the day. I unashamedly turned Jake and the Neverland Pirates on my phone [to which Batman at the neighboring table chowing down on his Halloween candy was also very interested in]. Mitchell was perfectly entertained and Steve and I had an uninterrupted adult conversation. I thought this day was seriously too good to be true, and then it got better when Steve agreed to stop for a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the way home. Last month, I couldn’t eat anything. This month my stomach is a bottomless pit. So far, the third trimester is treating me much better than the second. 

Scooby Doo fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed when we got home. 

And, to end my awesome day, we got home to find out the Royals were winning 1-0 in the Game 3. I put on my Royals shirt [which I thought was clean but apparently still had Mitchell’s mac&cheese on it from Game 1…]. I wore it proudly. We made a pretty pathetic effort to stay awake and watch the game – the TV was off and we were asleep after one inning. But I’ll leave you with this pre-mac&cheese gem from a few days ago.

All that excitement for one day. We’ll probably just sit on the couch and recover all day. And maybe watch more than just one inning of the Royals tonight in Game 4. One of my friends / favorite bloggers over at Macke Monologues is going to the game tonight. They’re Kansas City natives transplanted to California, and I’m definitely going to be looking for their blue shirts in the stands. And I’m about 99.9% sure you’ll be able to read about it on her blog tomorrow. Oh, and if you’re uninterested in the Royals her blog is worth reading solely for the pictures of her adorable two year old on the beach. 

Last, but not least, the updated version of my obnoxiously long list of things I am currently excited about. 

2 days until the new Taylor Swift CD!!! 
6 days until Halloween.
7 days until I am letting myself start packing the house. 
14 days until the Marine Corps Ball …
20 days until Steve’s EOD Graduation…
21 days until we MOVE to the North Carolina!
31 days until we leave to spend Thanksgiving in California…
42 days until my brother graduates from his Commercial Diving Academy…
61 days until Christmas…
65 days until my birthday…


87 days until Julia’s due date! 
Well, that wraps up my Friday recap. Thanks for reading. And the weekend has only started! Woohoo!!!

6 thoughts on “Trunk-Or-Treat

  1. Wow! That is quite a countdown you've got going on there! And I must say, that was one cute Scooby Doo! Darn those sticker-burs! Is it horrible that I don't have a Halloween outfit for Easton yet?? Eek!


  2. Sounds like so much fun! I wanted to take Grace to a trunk or treat event.. but we ended up not going. We have another one coming up on Thursday though, and I have zero shame about taking my 9 month old to it. Haha.


  3. Kourtney I've been thinking about you with the new Taylor Swift CD! I have been listening to it on repeat non-stop! What do you think!? Love these pictures 🙂


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