Not-so-Organized Chaos

Imagine sitting on your couch, looking up, and seeing a combined 150 pounds of 
leaping over the coffee table onto your lap. 

That’s how I feel about this week. Maybe because I just burned the hamburger helper I made for dinner? Maybe it’s because third trimester morning sickness has made an unwelcomed appearance? Maybe it’s because those dogs actually did leap over the coffee table in a manner strikingly similar to the picture above. News flash Zoe and Loki: you’re not lap dogs. 

The race to Steve’s graduation has begun – 12 days. Annnnd since today is the last day Steve is off work before the movers pack up our life in boxes, all shelves, frames, curtains, and anything affixed to the wall are now stacked in various piles throughout the house. Mitchell’s room looks like a storage unit. And my husband is eating burnt hamburger helper for dinner in an effort to empty out the random leftovers from our pantry. So what do we do with two rambunctious fur babies and a billion things to do at home? 
Forget the chores, load ’em up, and make them run. 

Have I mentioned we’re counting the days until we have a yard and a place for these guys to run? Thankfully for my sanity, not much longer. Side note – as I was typing this I looked over to find my son pooping with his hands in diaper. Here Mom, let me hand you an undigested raisin! [Gross, I know]. Only to give him a bath and discover the poor little guy now has a diaper rash. Can’t make this stuff up. Here’s to hoping my three crazies will let me sleep past six tomorrow. But with the time change – I’m not holding my breath. 
Happy [early] Monday! 😀

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