Playdates and Pregnancy

Flashback to about three months after we moved to Florida, and I still didn’t really know anyone. Flashback to three days ago when we moved, I felt like I was leaving one of my best friends! A few weeks ago I wrote about Mitchell’s date with his girlfriend, Presley. While I’m sure he would have had a little toddler heartbreak if we didn’t set up playdates several times a week, they were actually more for us mom’s to hang out and talk about things that don’t involve Elmo, “bananners,” rubber duckies, or “nigh-nigh.” What are the odds that I would meet someone with a toddler only a month apart from mine, both with red hair, we’d be pregnant within two months of each other, and we could bond over our crazy husbands who decided to play with bombs for a living?

So last Thursday started out like any ordinary playdate, except that I was mourning the fact that it was our last one before we moved to North Carolina. We planned to take the kids to the park, ignoring the fact that when the forecast says 40 degrees, windy, and cloudy in Florida, it is cold like any other state. Mitchell and I bundled up in no less than five layers each. Overkill? I think not.  

If you were to guess why  we cut our playdate short, the obvious answer would be because Florida has turned our summer-loving selves into pathetic cold-weather beings. Which would be a perfectly reasonable guess, but nope. Our friend Whitney went into labor! Mitchell’s girlfriend Presley was going to be a big sister! And being that she was due the day after we were scheduled to move, I was thrilled I would get to meet her little boy!!! [Especially since last month I missed my friend Danika’s baby girl by one day when we were in North Carolina. And I thought it was going to happen again!] 

So there’s the story of Mitchell and Presley’s last Florida playdate. I would say that’s a pretty great way to wrap up our friendship with Whitney and Presley while we were in Florida. And the night before we moved, I got to meet this little bundle of perfectly squishy cheeks. 

Annnnd I officially can’t wait for my turn! Julia we’re almost ready for you! And, of course, to meet back up with our friends the first chance we get, when Mitchell and Presley both have little baby siblings! 

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