I don’t think I could find a more appropriate picture to describe last week than this one. Sorry, honey. Exhaustion. Stress. Excitement. Relief. So much going on, but we made it. For the record, this is our second PCS in nine months. And it should be our last for awhile so hurray for that! 

The movers started packing on a Thursday/Friday and loading on a Monday. Which made a quite drawn out five days that our house was turned upside down. Call me crazy, but it’s much more manageable once all the “crap” is gone. If all of our stuff is packed in boxes, it might as well be on the truck… right Mitchell? 

So in the meantime, we made the spare room our hangout. We labeled it “Do Not Pack” and put everything in there we’d need for the next four months everything else would be in storage.

Mitchell had his essentials – a “baba” and the Elmo toy he hasn’t put down since Sesame Street Live a month ago. 

This is where we spent most of our sleeping [and waking] hours. 

Watching a lot of Netflix. 

Mitchell’s favorite part about the packing days was checking on his puppies. And can we get some kind of award for using 8,880 pounds of our allotted 9,000 and not going over our limit? 

“Hey there Loki – I asked Mom if you could come in my Pack&Play but she said no.”


They were less than impressed about hanging out in the back of the car all day. But for my sanity, they stayed there. 

My mother-in-law was a saint and came down a week before Steve’s graduation. With all the graduation preparation, our entire household being packed up by movers, shutting off all our utilities and tying up loose ends, and turning in the keys to our house, we pretty much sent Mitchell away to live with Grandma and Grandpa in their hotel for the week. I love that boy but it made our lives infinitely easier. We put him to bed looking like that, and picked him up looking like this 😉

The movers took all our “stuff” on Monday, and our house ended up looking like this. 

About five minutes after I took this picture, we sold those chairs. So we really had nowhere to sit.

 We spent our week keeping entertained with things like the aquarium.

We also went to the park a lot. 

And our last gymnastics date. 

After the graduation festivities were over, we collected our son from his stay at the hotel with his grandparents [where we also took full advantage of the continental breakfast and laundry facilities all week], spent our last night in our Florida house, and set our alarms for 4:00 am. It was a little hard to sleep knowing our Florida chapter is over and we’re starting an equally crazy and exciting chapter. After my handymen finished up the last few chores, of course. 

I like to think of our next chapter as a family as a “transition” chapter. I can’t really call it a North Carolina chapter quite yet. We’re moving there, but we’re staying in awesome, but small, place for a family of soon-to-be-6. When your dogs are 75 pounds apiece and one is still growing, I think it’s fair to count them in the tally. We’re taking a few big trips as a family and spending time traveling. Steve will be started back at work but won’t really be settled into his new unit until mid-January. We’re adding Julia to the family and transitioning to two kids under two. We’ll be waiting on a house for several months and I’ll be staying home with the kids for a few more months, at which point I plan to go back to work. So transition chapter it is. I can’t wait! Before we know it though, we’ll officially be back in the North Carolina Life Chapter: Round 2 🙂 I’m bracing myself for a couple months of craziness and plan to take as many pictures as I can [and blog as much as I can] so I can record all these memories of our crazy but wonderful life!

So onto the “Transition Chapter.”

This PCS we weren’t stopping in Alabama to pick up a puppy. And this time Zoe and Loki got their own kennels, because Loki is now huge compared to the eight pounds he weighed when we picked him up in the middle of the last PCS. [He’s knocking on the door of 70 pounds and will surpass Zoe here in the next month or so I bet. Crazy!] He’s still my baby though, which he makes very clear when he curls up on my lap like a cat and gives me the “why aren’t you petting me eyes?” Sorry Loki, I was just trying to breathe here. Thankfully, he’s still beating me in the weight gained category this year, but these days my 32 week baby belly don’t really make it feel like it. 

We bit the bullet and drove straight through. We U-Hauled the Jeep again, which is an awesomely fun car to drive unless it’s for a 12 hour road trip. Then it’s slow, loud, and you’re tired of shifting your arm off. Oh, and your left leg is sore for days because that is one HEAVY clutch. So on the trailer it went and I cannot WAIT to have a two car garage so we can strip it down and just let that thing be the toy it was intended to be. We contemplated making a stop mid-roadtrip… but lately our attitude has been to just get it over with. So get it over with we did. The doctors politely reminded me during pregnancy it is important to stop and walk every few hours, but if there is gas in the tank, the three big babies [two fur, one human] in the back are quiet, and my ankles aren’t swollen, we’re pushing on. Sorry Doc.

We had one pitstop on the schedule, and that was for Jacksonville, Florida. My brother is in a commercial diving academy there so he gave us a tour of his school, and then we had a family lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was pretty fun to see him in his “element,” since he’s been telling us about it for months but all we’ve seen is one measly picture! We are so proud of him, and were so excited he was right off the exit of our trip and had a free Saturday afternoon! 

—> Cue excited Mitchell squeal for Uncle Colby visits.

Our goal was to make it there while it was still daylight, which was definitely not achieved. But we got there before midnight at least. We’ve spent so much time at my parent’s beach home in the past year and a half it feels like a home away from home. And after a week of sleeping on an air mattress in our Florida house, this pregnant girl was kissing the bed when I finally hit the pillow in a real bed in North Carolina. We unloaded the bare minimum from the vehicles. AKA Mitchell and the dogs. Everything else waited for the next day. 

Thankfully I was able to settle into North Carolina last month when we came to visit. So besides our clothes and a few baby items, we didn’t bring a whooooole lot with us to unpack. But enough to still take us about three days to get organized and catch up on laundry.

And I’ve been waiting so long to say this… The Martin’s are back in North Carolina! 

Coming soon on the blog: The Martin’s celebrate Thanksgiving in California!

One thought on “PCS

  1. I am so glad to hear you guys are out of Florida and in your temporary home in North Carolina. I do hope you guys get a house soon though so you can really settle. Seems like a crazy time, but when is a PCS not crazy?


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