California: San Jose Sharks

Last Wednesday, my father-in-law treated us to a trip downtown to see the San Jose Sharks play on home ice! Which I’ve learned is referred to by the local fans as the “Shark Tank.” Steve and his Dad went to lots of games together when Steve was growing up, so I was excited to crash their date in my Tommy Wingels jersey 😀 Steve hadn’t seen the Sharks play since I surprised him with tickets last year in North Carolina. Pretty lucky the Sharks were playing at home on the week we were in town! 

Sadly, the Sharks lost. But it was a close game so we were hoping for a win all the way to the end. Steve and his Dad have the same anxious face. Like father, like son?

The next day [Thanksgiving Day], we went to the local rink to see the Sharks practice. We were so close I got to stand TWO FEET away from my favorite player! If you don’t count Taylor Swift, it’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to being starstruck. All the little boys playing in the tournament on the other rink, along with some local mini-fans, were there getting autographs when the players came off the ice. We joked I should get an autograph on my baby belly. Don’t worry – I didn’t get any autographs. Mitchell got to come this time, and he was sporting his new San Jose Sharks fuzzy hoodie 🙂

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