California: San Jose

This is the last post of our California trip. Either we crammed our trip chalk full of activities, I took way too many pictures, or I’m dragging this all out over five blog posts… probably a mix of all three. If you missed any of our other California activities, here they are.

After moving from Florida to North Carolina one week prior via driving [see our moving update here], we were so very thankful to Steve’s parents to fly us to California to be with his family for Thanksgiving! Flying out of a small airport in Jacksonville, though, almost always means 3 flights. One to get to Charlotte, another to Phoenix, and a final one to San Jose. It was a long day of traveling, but Mitchell was a champ. I was less of a champ, complaining my husband’s ear off on the long flight, repeatedly asking, “are we there yet,” and, “please rub my back.” But I am stuck in that height-of-third-trimester uncomfortable phase that I apparently escaped with Mitchell. And thankfully I’m married to the most patient person I know. 

I learned Mitchell’s legs are the perfect seat-kicking distance in his carseat on the small plane, but they were thankfully just out of reach once we switched over to the big ones. 

Colorado was beautiful to fly over! Really hoping I get to see some of that white fluffy stuff in North Carolina this year. 

My rockstar husband made traveling with a toddler infinitely easier [I had grown accustomed to the solo-parent travel], and I was eternally grateful to have him there. Mostly to lug around all our stuff. He got a few funny looks walking around the airport carrying the carseat like this – but he swore it was the easiest way and it was just like he is used to hauling his mortar around. He may not have been thrilled about the picture, but I couldn’t miss capturing this all-star parenting moment. 

While we were in California, we stayed in San Jose at a hotel about five minutes from the house Steve grew up in. 

We took Mitchell to the same park Steve grew up playing in! They’ve upgraded the playground equipment a bit, but the nostalgia factor was still there. It never gets old seeing these two play together. Nothing makes me happier. 

We got to eat breakfast with Steve’s Great Nana Martin at the San Jose Cafe – not once – but twice! There are four generations of Martin’s in this picture. It may just be a diner breakfast, but that’s a pretty special occasion in my book.

I got a local’s tour, and if you’re ever in the area I recommend the most amazing donuts from Manley’s Donut Shop… and pizza from Pizza Antica. We met Steve’s childhood best friend for dinner who he hadn’t seen in years, and our high school friend and the best man from our wedding for lunch! Most of our activities were centered around delicious food… and my pregnant self loved every second of it. By the last day of our trip we were exhausted. So we enjoyed our third trip to In&Out in the comfort of our hotel room and stayed in sweatpants all day long. 

By the end of the week, we were ready to get back. Mostly because I was anxious to get ready for our road trip to Kansas two days later. The madness never ends. But this is our holiday family time, since we’re going to be spending Christmas in North Carolina, just the three of us… waiting on our fourth member to arrive any day! That wraps up our California travels… hopefully it won’t be too long before we make it back out there. Stay tuned for our Kansas adventure soon! 🙂

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