Mitchell’s First Skate

While we were in Kansas, we took Mitchell to the ice rink for his very first ice skate! Since Steve and I met in high school playing hockey, it’s something we enjoy together, and we’re hoping Mitchell hops on the bandwagon too. We got him these skates before he was even born [we used them in our pregnancy announcement], and as luck would have it they happened to fit him perfectly this winter! We took him to the ice rink just down the road from my parents’ house. It’s where I learned how to skate, so it was fun to take Mitchell out on the same ice! I may be eight months pregnant, but I wasn’t going to miss the chance to take him skating for the first time. There were pictures and video to document the experience. Steve opted to open his gift during our early Christmas celebration, which was a GoPro video camera, so we tested it out for the first time! As you may notice below, I had a hard time picking just a few favorite pictures…
Here’s the official first skate video!
It was a wrestling match trying to get those skates on. And once they were on he had to be held the whole time because our little bender’s ankles aren’t quite strong enough to hold him up yet 😉
How cute are those tiny little hockey skates?!

One of my favorites. I can’t get over that smile of his!

And sometimes it’s just fun to slip and slide around on the ice. 

Grandpa came to watch Mitchell’s first skate on the ice. Coincidentally where he watched my first skate too!
Uncle Colby came too. He figured it would be pretty entertaining. 

Mitchell was thrilled to have his own cheering section in the bleachers. Every time we passed my dad and my brother he would squeal and wave.

Then they opened the outdoor ice and though his attention span was quickly depleting, I had to take him out there for a little bit longer. 

“Everyone look at me! I’m going to be a hockey player!”

The baby bump was a good little shelf for him to sit on when I was carrying him around. 

My little marshmallow in his snowsuit had a grand old time. Not sure if we’ll get him back out there again this year, but you can definitely count him in for a skate or two next year. Although I have a feeling he’ll be needing a bigger pair of skates. Why must we love such an expensive sport?! 
Afterwards we stopped by Grandma Brim’s first grade classroom for some corn dogs from the school cafeteria and to tell her all about it!

Yes, I’m that completely biased mom that thinks my child is the sweetest thing to ever exist. 

Coming up in 20 years on the blog: Mitchell’s first NHL game! 😉

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