Eighteen Months Old

It’s been awhile since I took over the blog with an all-Mitchell post, but I figured now would be as good of time as any, since he is officially 18 months and his days as an only child are numbered! As of this week, he is 28.2 pounds and 33 1/2 inches. 75th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Strong and tall like Daddy 🙂

This boy amazes us everyday, but especially lately. He has slept in a Pack-and-Play for the last month… in five. different. places. With our traveling and moving he has had zero sleep schedule, napping schedule, eating schedule, or routine what-so-ever. And he’s been thriving. He just adjusts to any situation we throw at him, which has made our lives infinitely easier during this crazy time. 

It’s the best feeling in the world to come home to him and see how excited he is to see us. He really recognizes us, and hearing him say “Mama” or “Dah-y!” is the most amazing feeling! He babbles non-stop, but we are working on using words instead of babble. Some of his most recent ones are “shee” [fishy], “dah-y” [doggy], “aoli” [ravioli], “hi,” “yea,” “oe” [Zoe]. He’s much better at recognition and points out lots of pictures [doggy, baby, teddy bear, car, keys, tractor, banana, bird, etc.]. And every time he sees a dog he barks at it. Or hears a dog bark, he barks back. Or hears someone mention the word dog in a conversation… “woof!” says Mitchell. Or anytime he is asked, “What does the _______ [insert random animal] say?” “Woof!” Everything barks. Guess that’s the price you pay when you’re raised with two big dogs. He knows his head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and tummy and points them out for you! I am adding them in slowly, because he gets annoyed with me and then refuses to play the game anymore. 

He’s wearing mostly 2T clothes. How cute is this little puffy coat? [Especially when I found it at the Gymboree Outlet last year for $10 and it came with matching snow pants. Score.] He hates hats or anything on his head or face, so how I got him to wear this fuzzy one at the park is beyond me. One of my mom’s friends, mother of three boys, gave us enough clothes in sizes to last Mitchell until Kindergarten. He has about 5 times more jeans than I do… literally… in every size. And they are in amazing condition so I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought clothes for Mitchell. It’s saved us so much money and been such an amazing blessing this past year. We will definitely be passing them on someday to another little boy to use [it’s amazing how they grow out of everything before it’s even worn!], but for now we are extremely thankful for the Coup family’s generosity. 

He’s all about the high-fives lately, and a few of Steve’s friends taught him to “pound it” too. Catch. Peek-A-Boo. Flashcards. Kicking his little green ball. Some of our favorite games lately. He also picks up crayons or pens and scribbles on paper, and did his first finger paint a few months ago! 

Boy loooooves the park. He spends most of the time climbing up and down the stairs, but is venturing onto the tall slides on his own. Such a big boy. We spend a lot of time at the park, which is a great channel for his energy with our traveling and condo-living. We have a really nice park right behind our new house, and about 10 others within walking distance! I personally love the park (1) because watching him play is so. fun. and (2) it’s prime picture-taking opportunity. 

Our formerly eat-anything-in-sight kid has become a bit of a picky eater. We can always count on french fries, chicken nuggets, raviolis, goldfish, and Greek yogurt. Healthy, right? Some of his former favorites [waffles, bananas, blueberries, grilled chicken, quesadillas, scrambled eggs] are being completely rejected, making feeding him a challenge lately. But out of nowhere yesterday, he begged for rice – a food he’s rejected since solid food Day 1! He’s always up for a good bottle of milk though, and averages about four 10 oz. bottles a day. I can’t wait to get settled in our house with a big kitchen so I can start cooking meal planning again! Given his 75th weight percentile though, I’m not too concerned.

He’s alllllmost climbing out of the Pack-and-Play he’s been sleeping in the last month [our crib is in storage], and I have no doubt if we left him unattended any longer he would be out and exploring. We are moving into our new house in ONE WEEK! [See neighborhood in background below. We are so blessed that Mitchell will have such a wonderful place to grow up.] We’re setting up his room with a big boy bed because we need the crib for his sister, and he’s not going to be staying put in there anyway. We’ll see how that goes.

And while we’re on the topic of transitions, we have every intention of potty training soon after we accomplish the big boy bed. Why rush it? For my sanity. He refuses to let us diaper him. Kicking, screaming, rolling, fighting. Currently, diapering is my primary workout for the day. Then he takes it off 400 times a day. Half the time once it’s dirty, the other half right before he actually goes to the bathroom. I wish we could leave him in diapers until he’s 2 1/2, but it just doesn’t look like it’s in the cards. 

His reddish hair turned blondish, but is now headed back to the reddish. He looks just like Steve’s pictures from this age, which makes me think he will end up looking like him more and more as he grows up. Which is happening way too fast, by the way. He is 100% independent. Still no snuggles, and is only content being held by Mommy if I am standing and walking. Which doesn’t last long these days with my giant pregnant belly. Sitting still is completely impossible with him. It’s like he doesn’t know I’m pregnant. Or care. He is as crazy as ever and just expects me to chase him around like I’m not going to have a baby any day 😉 But I try my best. Thank God for nap time. He’s still naps for about 3 hours a day, which is sometimes shortened since he’s not napping in a quiet bedroom for now. But we can still count on a good 10-13 hours of sleep at night, generally interrupted for a quick bottle and diaper change [Size 5 still] around 4am. We have it down to about 3 minutes that I can wake up, bottle, change, and fall asleep – so I can’t complain. 

Our hearts are so full with love for our little boy. It makes us so happy to see him smile, and seeing my husband being such an amazing Daddy just makes me a hundred times happier, if that’s even possible. I have no idea how we are going to fit more happiness and love in our little family, but I know the second we meet our little Julia we will. And that is probably what I’m most excited for in Mitchell’s life right now – seeing him meet his little sister and becoming a big brother! We love you Mitchell!

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