Certified Commercial Diver

I’m taking just a second to brag about my awesome brother. This month he graduated from CDA Technical Institute’s Commercial Diving/Underwater Welding program! Pretty cool job if you ask me. 

Since graduation, he has spent some time in Kansas. Coincidentally when we were visiting! Mitchell loooooves his Uncle Colby. And Colby is pretty fond of him too. And he’s a pretty great babysitter. It was so great seeing him so much in Florida. And then the week we spent in Kansas was after his graduation. So we got to spend an early Christmas in Kansas with him too! I’m pretty sure my parents were in heaven having the whole family together for an early celebration because it was completely unexpected and thrown together at the last minute. But everything fell into place perfectly. 

I am so proud of him for getting this certification, definitely not an “easy” job. And he already got his first contracting job! Last week he replaced some pumps in the Kansas River. In freezing temperatures the day after it snowed. Nuts. 

So congratulations Colby! We wish you nothing but the best for your future! And I’m sure there is plenty of commercial diving to be done in North Carolina… just saying…

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