Our Little Christmas

With no permanent home and our sweet girl’s arrival quickly approaching, things were a little different this year. We made our family visits early, visiting the hubby’s side in California over Thanksgiving, and my side the following week in KansasIt was such a blessing having Steve “home” for so much time, especially since we didn’t seen a whole lot of him while he was in EOD School. They gave him plenty of time to move to his new duty station, which luckily encompassed Thanksgiving so we could make a trip to see his family. He barely used any of his leave up from his last deployment, plus everything he built up over the year, so he had plenty saved up! We pushed the pregnancy travel to the limit, flying the last week allowable, and then traveling out of state the last week allowable by the doctors. But it all just kind of fell into place that way. And with two completely normal and uneventful pregnancies thus far, I wasn’t too worried about any surprises. Besides, there are hospitals everywhere, and delivering a baby isn’t rocket science, right? And by nothing but luck, Steve checked into his new unit just in time for Christmas, and then New Year’s leave. Six more days off. With Julia’s arrival expected anytime after the New Year, his schedule for the next few weeks is going to work, keeping his cell phone nearby for the call to meet us at the hospital. At which time he will get ten days of daddy-duty leave 🙂 I could definitely get used to this, but since family time can be so rare in the military with training and deployments, I am just soaking up every minute we get before 2015 is in full swing. 

All of our “stuff” is in storage, but we did make sure to spread a little Christmas cheer. I couldn’t stand it. I sure do love Christmas decorations. Steve and I were eyeing this adorable little tree at my parent’s house, and my mom sent us back with it so it could be our family tree this year. It’s so little but so perfect! We even found a mini strand of lights and mini ornaments to decorate it!

My boys and my very pregnant self enjoyed a one-day-early Christmas Eve service at church and then retreated to our beach hideaway to wait on Santa and little Julia. This may be the most unconventional Christmas we’ve had, and probably hopefully will be for several years to come, but our homeless-beach-Christmas-moving-in-5-days-about-to-have-a-baby holiday is definitely one we’ll remember forever. Our Christmas Eve dinner may look homemade but it consisted of a precooked mini-Honeybaked Ham, tubbed potatoes, jarred gravy, bagged rolls, and some pre made jalapeño poppers. The only cooking that went on in here was the green beans, and Steve handled that task. Housewife of the year right here. It was delicious too. You can get away with things like that when you’re nine months pregnant, all your usual cooking supplies are in storage, you have no guests, and you’re cooking in a tiny little kitchen. 

Honestly, it was such a wonderfully relaxing day and I felt okay spending it with just our little family, since we already celebrated with our families earlier in the month, and they’ll be here in a few weeks after Julia arrives! Tons of food, Christmas movies, pajamas all day, and foot rubs. Spoiled girl right here. Santa came, leaving all of his gifts under the tree. We got a good little laugh out of that one. 

Our hospital bags and a brand-spanking-new-no-spit-up-stains car seat continue to wait patiently in the trunk of the Exploder for the big moment. With Mitchell arriving nearly a week early, and Julia measuring a little bit ahead of schedule throughout the pregnancy, I wasn’t going to be surprised (or disappointed) if she  decided to make an appearance a few days early. But she didn’t. We’ve made it to Christmas and it’s looking like we might have a 2015 baby. I just can’t wait 🙂

Our post-Christmas to-do list before Julia?

Start moving into our house! In less than a week we will have the keys to our new home, and we can start spreading out a little! Still two weeks before we will actually have a bed to sleep on, but there is already talk of sleeping on the new couch until then 😉

Everything else is READY! Come on Baby Julia!!!

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