On December 12th, Steve checked into his new unit, which meant he could also check onto the base housing wait list. We had the application finished months ago, but this does you no good until you’ve actually arrived. So we really had no idea when we’d actually have a home or get our belongings out of storage since we moved back in November, except the standard, “the wait list is 2-4 months” answer. So the last thing I was expecting was to be told on December 12th we could pick up our keys on December 30th. “You mean you have a house for us in… two… weeks… wait, can you repeat that?” Maybe it was sympathy for an eight month pregnant wife. I figured it was Steve looking particularly handsome in his uniform that day. But somehow they had a house they needed to fill ASAP and we were in the right place at the right time. I don’t think the housing coordinator had finished her sentence before I had the pen out to sign the paperwork. As my husband put it, “You’re getting one heck of a one-day-late birthday present.” I could seriously cry tears of gratefulness. First to God who is so good, and always provides. And second to my amazing husband who has worked so hard in our four and half years of marriage, especially this past year, to give us such a wonderful life. I feel so blessed to move to a beautiful, safe community where Mitchell and Julia can grow up carefree and full of love. We have parks to play in, sidewalks to jog, and a yard for the kids to explore and the dogs to run. Mitchell and Julia each have a room and I can’t wait to make them “theirs,” and for them to fill them with their personality and laughter. I have so many dreams for them, and we’re starting a new chapter of our life here. I’m praying that we’ll live in this home for five years [or more], but realistically rejoicing that we have this place to live for now. Our life is far from perfect, though I wouldn’t change it if I could. This year will definitely be filled with challenges. At the top of the list is a likely upcoming deployment. Dealing with separation while adjusting to two kids under two and two full-time jobs won’t be easy. But I plan to soak up every possible memory here with my sweet family while we’re together. And we have God, family, and friends on our side – and with that team I know we can handle it. Having this home base to come back to will make things much smoother and easier to manage.

After our 45 minute orientation that seemed to last 4 hours [walking around the room in circles carrying Mitchell with contractions making us debate a trip to the hospital didn’t help], the keys were officially handed over, and we excitedly drove the half mile over to our house. Which we of course knew exactly how to get there since we drove past it 100 times in the last two weeks in anticipation 😀 All of our “stuff” will be out of storage soon enough and I will be up to my ears in boxes and unhung picture frames and dirty diapers and bottles. But for now we’re running around an empty house celebrating… and I’m arranging furniture in my mind 🙂 We’ve been in the house for a week now, but we have yet to actually stay the night here. The movers don’t come until tomorrow. So we’re moving what we can and staying at the beach a bit longer until the house is ready for move-in. But who am I kidding? I’m so excited, we’ll be in there the first night the beds are made. 

Picking out his bedroom 😉

Just a liiiiitle excited about living in more than 700 square feet with our crazy family 😉

Since we got the keys, we’ve been coming up here everyday and accomplishing a few things before the movers and a new baby arrive. Thus far, our furniture consists of a couch [Happy Birthday to me! Thank you hubby!!!], a dog kennel [currently doubling as a coffee table], Pack and Play, baby swing, high chair, and Mitchell’s little table and chair set. Which has been extremely handy as those child chairs have also been accommodating adults, and the table has been used for dinners as well 😀 

This little guy doesn’t know it yet, but we’re setting this aside to be his very own big-boy play room 🙂

I’ve taken on the ENORMOUS task of completely refinishing my childhood bedroom furniture to use in Mitchell’s room. I am so so excited about decorating his big boy room, but more on that later. Despite the enormous amount of work and the fact that I’ve practically sanded off my fingertips, it’s been keeping me busy, and thus keeping me sane. 

At the top of the list of things I am excited to get off that moving van are… our beds [so we can actually sleep here], shower curtains, our vacuum [dog. hair. everywhere.], and our washer and dryer [to attack that pile of laundry that may or may not be taller than me by the time they’re hooked up tomorrow]. Despite the craziness, it’s a definitely happy week for the Martin family, and was definitely quite the exciting end to an exciting year!

Coming soon on the blog: Officially moving in & Baby Julia… hopefully in that order! 

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