Newborn Pictures – Round 1

While this is certainly not all of the pictures our little princess will have to endure this week, I couldn’t help but share the first few ones I took this afternoon 🙂 This little girl has completely stolen our hearts, and she can sleep like a champ. [Except from midnight to 2:00 am the past three nights]. I’ve been asked several times how we’re adjusting to two little ones, and I honestly can’t give an answer to that because we’re just trying to keep our heads above boxes and packing paper. Mitchell and Julia are far more underwhelming than the unpacking process. It. Never. Ends. So I took a break from all of the unpacking and made a mess of our only clean room [Mitchell’s bedroom], so I could start her newborn pictures before it’s too late! I know I’m biased, but she is seriously the most beautiful, perfect thing I’ve seen.

Little Dino Girl ❤

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