Update from Big Brother

Life’s been a little crazy, but I’m starting to catch on now. 

Mommy and Daddy brought home “Day-Dee,” and they keep calling her my new sissy. 

It’s kind of like when the brought home Loki, but this one cries instead of barks. 

She’s pretty cute, but I’m more excited they’ve finally finished unpacking my playroom.

I have all my favorite toys, like my Jeep and my car and my blocks and my very own TV to watch Mickey Mouse on.
And then this week Grandma came to visit me and we play in my playroom a lot! Mommy says my other Grandma and Grandpa are coming next week too! 

I think they’re here to meet the “Day-Dee,” but we both know they really just want to play with me. 

Daddy is lots of fun, and I know he’s glad to have me now that there are so many girls in the house.

Sometimes the “Day-Dee” gets cold so I cover her up with my blankets. 

She’s still pretty boring though. “Oh-e” and Loki are much more fun. 

When I give them kisses, they kiss me back. 

And when I throw the ball for them, they chase it. 

Now that I have a big boy bed, Mommy and Daddy even let me sleep with “Oh-E” every night. 

It’s really fun having my very own room. 
But I’m not too big of a boy yet. Daddy still has to help me put on my shoes.

I’m still not really sure why Mommy and Daddy keep moving, but I really like our new house and my new room and the new “Day-Dee” and the new park we walk to. And my Mommy and Daddy. They’re the best. 😉

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