Grandparents Galore

This week our house was taken over by grandparents! We kicked off the beginning of the week with Grandma Brim, and then Grandma and Grandpa Martin joined in for a long weekend when Grandma Brim headed back to Kansas. 

My mom’s arrival came at the perfect time.  She helped me shop for the house, reorganize Julia’s insanely full closet, vacuum, mop, hang pictures, unpack more boxes, and pick up Mitchell’s playroom 4,000 times. All while chasing after Mitchell and cuddling sweet Julia. It’s amazing how much progress we made on the house this week, but there is still oh-so-much left to do. She also babysat for us lots – making a quick errand into town actually quick, and letting us sneak out to play a pick-up hockey game. [Yes, I survived pick-up hockey almost two weeks postpartum! And it was fun!] Needless to say, we wore her out. 

I can’t get enough of her folded over like a little taco ❤

No questions about it. Baby smiles are the best. 

Mitchell was not forgotten. Grandma Brim tagged along for a trip to Walmart. I left them alone for two minutes and I found her in the toy aisle with Mitchell picking out a shiny red tricycle. We came home, gave Steve three sets of puppy dog eyes, and he spent his evening putting together Mitchell’s Radio Flyer. And lucky for us, the next day was a perfect sunshine day so we took it for a spin to the park. 

Our grandparent visits overlapped by a day, so we took advantage of Saturday night to have a family meal at Mike’s Farm. We had some rain after our sunny tricycle day, and I can’t get enough of Mitchell in his rain boots and field jacket. Watch out – he’s ready for the flood!

I love doing life with this guy. 

It really doesn’t get any more attractive than that. So dreamy 😉

Last, but certainly not least, Mitchell was pleased as punch sitting on a real life tractor. 

On a different note, our low point of the weekend was finding out my parent’s dog, we’ve loved since he came home as a rescue twelve years ago, ate a toy that even a surgery couldn’t fix. It’s amazing how they can be “just a dog,” but they’re really not, and they become another family member. This blog may be plastered with Zoe and Loki pictures, but we’ve got a special place in our hearts for Tuck and we’re sad to say goodbye to him 😦 

It’s Monday now and I’m back to the curtain-ironing, picture-hanging, laundry-folding, diaper-changing grind. I really need to lower my expectations for how much can be accomplished in a day, but for now I’ll continue to dream of a to-do list with less than 1,000 items. Coming soon on the blog: Julia’s first road trip and maybe, eventually some pictures to prove all my hard work in our house 😀

3 thoughts on “Grandparents Galore

  1. Amanda, I bet she would love it! The one we found for Mitchell has straps, so she could already ride in it. The best part is, when their feet are on the pedals, they just become foot rests and don't spin. So you can just push everywhere!


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