Friday Favorites

Mitchell wasn’t a fan of Thursday this week. A yogurt at lunch was the highlight of his day.
And then it was pretty much this. All. Evening. Long. Until we decided it was bedtime at 6pm. Darn the toddler teething stage we are blaming this on. We have no idea if that was actually his problem, but I feel a little better having a reasonable explanation for his dissatisfaction with life in general. But maybe he was just having one of those days. Fun fact: .2 seconds after this picture, taken under the dining room table that is particularly easy to crawl under since we don’t have any chairs yet, he promptly stood up and banged his head making the screaming 10 times louder. I promise life isn’t always this rough, Mitchell. 

But then Friday came! And it was great! We started off the day with a fresh haircut. Nothing to make a toddler [and a Mommy with an irrational fear of a stranger calling him a girl] feel better. Our normal every two week haircut program was interrupted by the move, and became a two month program which is much too long for my sanity. Nothing more handsome than a toothy grin with a handsome haircut. And nothing more excited than a toddler with a grandma in town to play with him in his playroom all day long.

And while I’m on a role, nothing happier than a husband who gets off at work before lunch and gets to go to the shooting range with his wife. Because grandma is in town and we have a babysitter. 

And while I love shooting guns probably more than the next girl… 

I equally enjoy sitting back and watching my husband be awesome and super hot. [“She so eloquently wrote”].

Fun Fact #2: As shown on our baby doggie monitor below, Lazy Loki has decided the sunshine is great for napping… in Mitchell’s bed. Poor guy hurt his paw this week, and we’re waiting it out to see if he needs a trip to the vet. Especially since we’ve already been once this week with Zoe for an infection. She’s fine, and lucky for me, I will always have the memory of my trip to the vet with Zoe and Mitchell and Julia and the empathetic looks from all the veterinary technicians. Dog + Toddler + Newborn + Vet = Proooooobably should have scheduled the appointment when the husband is home to watch the kids. 

Zoe says, “I take your bed nap Loki and raise you Dad’s spot on the couch.” 

To which Loki replies, “Who needs a bed or a couch when you can watch your kingdom from the staircase landing?” As you’re probably thinking, enough creating imaginary conversations between your dogs. Which we may or may not do on a daily basis.

We had a great dinner on Grandma Martin’s last night in town at the new Mexican restaraunt. Which I hope stays in business forever because it’s chips and salsa above the other options in our town. All-in-all, Thursday was rough, and Friday was great. This is how we wrapped up our evening. 

Note: Mitchell and his struggle to get on the couch and crawl across to be in the middle of everything. 

Note: Mitchell’s couch expedition was successful and he is now in the middle of everything. 

Be still, my heart. 

Because playing with trains is clearly more fun when done from on top of the table. 

Mitchell says, “Nigh’ Nigh’ Mama!” Just kidding… he says “Woof!” and “Hey!” and “Yea!” – 50% of his entire vocabulary. We’ve gotta cross that conversation bridge soon, which will hopefully reduce the number of [thankfully infrequent] Thursday afternoon under-table tantrums.

Good news! 
1. It’s the weekend. 
2. Next weekend we get to see our extended family who live in Charlotte! 
3. And my best friend who moved away from North Carolina and I miss so much.
4. And go furniture shopping at IKEA. And, yes, dining room chairs are on the list. 

Happy weekend! 

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