The Hunt

It’s that time. Time to start thinking about leaving the stay-at-home, I-probably-wear-my-pajamas-too-much world and return to the delight of alarm clocks and packed lunches and babysitters. Emphasis on the babysitters. We’ve begun the hunt. After some discussion, I can start the search with a tentative start date in mind, assuming everything goes according to plan. 

So I sit here with a paper scribbled with a long list of needed qualifications, a long list of wanted qualifications, a short list of possible names, and a sleeping baby on my lap. Why is it so much harder the second time around? With Mitchell I looooooved our babysitter [still do], but she’s got 3 kids of her own and since we need someone at the house and she added a job working at our church, she’s sadly no longer a possibility. Sigh.

I need to create a resume for our potential nanny, painting a picture of what it’s truly like around here. No one ever cries, the diapers don’t stink, the dishwasher magically loads itself, our dogs don’t shed, the kids nap simultaneously, etc. etc. We’re always well-rested and never stay in our pajamas until noon [see below]. 

Where do you search for the perfect nanny? I now sympathize with my friend, Nichole, who trusted me with her two babies once upon a time. I still remember my interview for the job – we met at the coffee shop in our church after the service and she nailed me with a list of questions. Not sure if I had great answers, but they were good enough for her to pick me. And I loved those kids like my own. I still do – even though they’re both taller than me now. In fact, I wish she’d just send her oldest [who is in high school – gosh, I feel old saying that] to live with us and be my nanny. I promise I’ll feed her Nichole, what do ya say?! Now where can I find a stranger that will love my kids like I do? I’m praying they exist out there.

My Needs? An abbrieviated version includes an obnoxiously flexible schedule, willing to stay overnight if necessary, willing to put up with the fur-monsters, knowledge of infant/toddler first-aid & CPR, and have a driver license.

My Wants? A military wife who lives on base [bonus if it’s the same neighborhood!] with no children. 

Hellooooo? Perfect babysitter? Are you out there? My nuthouse needs you! 

So wish me luck as I feel like I have not-enough-time to figure this situation out [though, in reality, I have plenty of time]. Fortunately we have Team Grandma’s on speed dial for reinforcements if necessary. We’ll keep you posted. And on that note I should probably carry my toddler to bed, since he deemed the hardwood playroom floor worthy sleeping quarters for the night about 20 minutes ago. [See below]. Happy Nanny Hunting to me and to all a Good Night! Preferably uninterrupted by bottle fixing and diaper changing 😉

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