Bath Time x2

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of the everyday stuff around here, how it really happens. I’ve been leaving my camera on the dining room table, which is in the center of everything. You can’t really walk anywhere in this house without walking by it. So here I am today with bath time. When it was just Mitchell, bath time = laundry folding time. Now it’s double baths in the Martin house. It’ll be much easier when I can throw them in the tub together, but for now it’s a bit of a process. On a side note, we’re Pamper’s Swaddlers fans [currently in newborn’s and size five] here. We’ve found them to be the least-leakiest for us. 

I start off getting Mitchell settled in the bathroom. Since he enjoys playing in here for 30+ minutes, I’ve got time to get Julia all scrubbed up. 

Julia likes bath time! She relaxes in that warm water and doesn’t complain a bit! 

It works out great, because after she’s out of the tub I can slide it right over the sink and drain it out there. After she’s clean, we dry off [note: Mitchell losing bath time interest in the background…].


Me and Miss Crazy Hair post-bath. Clean babies have to be the yummiest smell in the world.  Don’t mind my dirty fingers. W’re still in serious project mode around here.

By now I’ve had 47 tub toys thrown at me [yup, these ones], so I divert my attention to my budding baseball player. 

Meanwhile, Julia chills here. The bouncer is crucial in the double-bath process. Those are supposed to be bunny ears, but she just looks like a gremlin to me in this picture.

And after chasing Mitchell around the bathroom with a towel, then diaper, then shirt, then pants and trying to wrestle what may as well be a wet seal into all of these, we wrap up bath time with two clean babies ❤

We’re not a bath-before-bed family. I read so many blogs who write about their nighttime routine, and by the time dinner is over, I’m doing good if the dishes are all out of the sink in the dishwasher. Plus, bedtime is one of the few waking hours the hubby is home from work. Personally, I like bath time better in the afternoon. More specifically, after lunch. When one of these two is covered in yogurt or peanut butter or ketchup or bananas. And by the time we finish this, he’s fed, clean, and naps until Daddy comes home. Our favorite part of the day :]

Coming soon on the blog: Julia’s one month post and our road trip to Charlotte!

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