A Month of Julia

This little sweet thing is one month old!!!

A lot has happened in this girl’s first month. She was just kind of thrown into the chaos, coming home to a house full of boxes [since the movers came the day she was born]. Her second day home, our neighborhood lost power and we had no heat in sub-20 degree weather. It took us 3 days to make enough room to put the Pack & Play next to the bed, so she slept in the bouncer. We’ve literally spent every day of her life unpacking. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to relaxing together a little bit more in Month #2.
After her first check-up, she was at 10% weight loss from her birth weight [which was 8 pounds 2 ounces]. We started weight-checks every few days for her first two and a half weeks. It took her awhile to get her serving size up to par, but it seemed like overnight she went from eating 2 ounces to 4 ounces! She’s a Gerber baby like her brother, but I couldn’t tell you how much she’s eating now. I’m so happy we’ve had success with the first formula we tried with both kids. I know that can be a struggle with a lot of babies, so I feel like we dodged a bullet there. She’s a snacker, and enjoys having the bottle in her mouth 22 of 24 hours of the day. She also enjoys being held 22 of 24 hours a day, and expresses extreme dissatisfaction with any less. My kind of girl.

She’s still sleeping in our room, and I can’t decide if she’s a great sleeper or not. If we’re judging by last night, she slept from 10:00pm to 8:30am, straight through. Don’t get all, “you have it so easy,” though. The day before that alarm-clock-Julia went off at 1:30am [yes, for the day], and the day before we were up at 4:00am. It’s about a 50/50 shot whether we’re sleeping or not, but I think she’s getting better! [Or I hope]. How can you not love seeing this little face next to you?!

Right now we’re swaddling her in a receiving blanket and then a bit thicker one. 90% of the time the blankets are blue and green, because she’s getting big brother’s hand-me-downs. But this little Noah’s Ark one is my favorite one – partly because it’s cute, and partly because it doesn’t come undone when she starts kickboxing at 2am. We prop her little head up on a blankie, put a hat on her [at first because she had a low body temp, now I think it helps her sleep], turn on that white noise, and hope to not hear from her until a reasonable hour of the morning. I’ve tried sticking her in there without the routine when she’s already asleep, but I’ve found it’s best to just wake her up and do it. 

Or else she’ll be looking at you like this… all. night. long. At least she’s cute, right?

She’s in the Pack & Play with the basinet. I’m guessing we’ll have her transitioned into her own room by two months. But first I’m hoping her sleep patterns are a little more predictable and I need to add another camera to our baby monitor system. 

We met Grandma Brim and Grandma and Grandpa Martin this month. She’s definitely a pacifier baby. Doesn’t mind being licked in the face by dogs, which is good because it’s pretty much inevitable in this house. Goes with the flow, and is calm as a cucumber when she’s in her carseat in the car. [I debated on writing that, as we’re leaving for a 5 hour road trip later today and didn’t want to jinx it]. I’ll keep you posted. She’s wearing newborn onsies still, and some 0-3 pants and outfits. She’s in newborn diapers still, but only because we have a few more to use up. Her little tush is headed to the size one’s once they’re gone! 

Oh, and Mitchell has been handling the big brother gig like a champ.

And on that note, I’m off to finish packing up the car for our weekend getaway! 
Yay for visiting family and friends and IKEA! 

3 thoughts on “A Month of Julia

  1. I can't believe she is one month old already! It's so funny to me that yall lost power. 2 weeks after Grace was born we were without power for 24 hours. It was crazy!


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