Toddler Troubles

It amazes me how fast we can go from high to low. We can be loving life at the park. Swinging to our heart’s desire. Laughing without a care in the world. Nothing could every possibly go wrong. 

Right? Riiiiiiight. [Insert sarcastic tone here].

Then we decide to forego the safety of the dry mulch and go exploring. Straight into the depths of a mud puddle. When it was 46 degrees outside. I was 50 feet away sitting on a bench under a warm blanket with Julia when I saw the splash. 

Yup, here. 

Was this the demise of my yet-to-nap for the day toddler? Almost, but nope. 

It was when Mommy forced the soaking wet puddle splashing, park enthusiast to ride his tricycle home from the park to warm up and put on dry clothes. I really wish I could have captured the despair of this heartbroken toddler in its entirety, but Zoe couldn’t control her excitement to console Mr. Cranky Pants. [And the fact that he has been stripped down to his jacket and diaper… it’s as cute as you’re picturing it]. But I think half of his face gets his point across just fine. 

“I know the word ‘no’ is so hard to hear, little man, but I promise it’s not really that bad. We can always go back to the park tomorrow,” to which he continued to wail. And was awarded a pair of sweatpants, a bottle of milk, and nap time. If only I could cry and get sweats, milk, and a nap, right? Riiiiiiight. 

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