Valentine’s Day

“Hey honey, I think I want to brave the chain restaurants with our newborn and toddler on Valentine’s Day and take you out for a romantic dinner.” Said my husband never. And I don’t blame him a bit. Since it happened to be a Saturday, and Valentine’s Day was spent at home. We were lucky because Steve had a last-minute three day work trip pop up on the calendar, right in between our Charlotte trip and Valentine’s… but was still able to be home for both! 

Since I had all week home alone with the munchkins and the pups, we added a few decorations around the house… I managed to build and hang our new chalkboard by myself. That big blank wall on our landing had been asking for me to hang something there. Anything, really, that would fill up the emptiness. I decided to make a giant chalkboard. To give you some perspective, that thing is 5 1/2 feet by 3 1/2 feet. And of course I decorated it for Valentine’s Day! Can’t wait to change it up for all the holidays and season this year! 

I tried to take a few festive pictures of our kids together, at which time Mitchell decided it was naptime and Loki insisted on filling in.

He knocked the Valentine’s gift [which we don’t normally do] out of the park with a new Julia charm for my necklace. He gave this to me last year for Christmas with Mitchell’s name and birthday, and now I have two! I am in love with this necklace, and beside my wedding rings, is the one piece of jewelry I almost never take off. [He says it doesn’t really count since he gave it to me two weeks ago, but I say it does].

 Instead of eating out, my personal chef/husband picked up the ingredients to my very favorite dish [corn and bacon pasta], and cooked me up an amazing dinner. My mouth seriously waters when I think about this dish. He fixed it for me when we first started dating, and whips it our here and there for special occasions. Like Valentine’s Day. It’s a family recipe that he tweaks. Usually the tweaking is based on whatever we have available in the pantry. But just think of a lot pasta and creamy sauce and corn and bacon. I’ll admit he’s a much better cook than me, but I definitely cook more often. 

Since Steve was doing all the cooking, I started pacing because I didn’t know what to do with the idle time. He wouldn’t let me help, so I took a bath and held my babies. 

Then that awesome husband built a fire and we ate outside next to the fire pit. We’ve had a fire the last two Valentine’s, so it’s becoming somewhat of a tradition. We toasted to a year full of love, settling in our new house, and new beginnings with some wine and s’mores.

We’ve manage to spend the last three holidays together, but it’s always been surrounded by some sort of chaos.

Valentine’s 2011 – Our first married Valentine’s and Steve was in Afghanistan. We didn’t even talk. 
Valentine’s 2012 – I was working night shift and Steve had a nice romantic evening with our dog, Zoe.
Valentine’s 2013 – The fire pit tradition began – I surprised him with a fire pit and he surprised me with a corn and bacon dinner. Steve was leaving for 6 weeks, coming home for 4, and leaving for Afghanistan. The next day. 
Valentine’s 2014 – We were packing up and moving to Florida a week later. Corn and bacon by the fire it was. 
Valentine’s 2015 – All settled back in North Carolina. The corn and bacon fire pit tradition continues. 

But one of my favorite Valentine’s memories….

Valentine’s 2005 – He gave me a painted glass beaded bracelet after study hall that still makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂

I have absolutely no idea what next year’s holiday will look like. With any luck, we’ll get to spend next year together next to the fire too. For being a couple that doesn’t go Valentine’s crazy, I love our little tradition! Another successful February 14th with my forever Valentine is in the books, and I must admit my husband is a dang good cook 🙂

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