Life Lately 2.21.15

I’ve had enough of this freezing cold weather. I am realizing every picture in this post is inside. And we’ve barely been outside, except to run out to the car to heat it up, and then run out to load up carseats. And when we get back home, I sit in the driveway and turn up the car heater full-blast for a good two minutes while I agonize about the freezing cold mad dash inside. Yes, I used to live in Connecticut. And before that New Hampshire. But cold is miserable when there is no snow to go with it. So we’ve been making the best of it, but sometimes there is no cure for cabin fever. Right, Mitchell? Right.

This post is a little Mitchell-heavy on the pictures, but he’s 75% of the entertainment around here. So much energy. So much personality. I’m loving it lately. But so few words still. Hoping for his sake he turns the endless babbles into something intelligible sometime soon so he doesn’t have to get frustrated when he wants something. Or calls me Mama 😉 It’s coming soon, I just know it. Julia’s still here though, don’t worry. 

We’ll start with the exciting news. We. Found. A. Nanny! Yup, Mitchell’s smile says it all. She came over today, met the kids, and we’re so happy we found her! Five more weeks at home with my crazies and I can spend it not stressing about childcare. 

Starting to finish up some of my decorating projects! I love our house. For military base housing, I couldn’t ask more. I was telling Steve if I could change three things, it would have everything I want in a forever home. 1. Not being attached to another house. 2. Bigger yard. 3. Another bedroom eventually. Other than that, I never ever ever want to move again! 

Our easy eater has turned a bit picky lately. Bananas can be his favorite food one day, and then taste like dog food the next. Literally, because they get tossed off the high chair to the pleading eyes of Zoe and Loki. Good thing they’re cheap. 

And when we decide we’re done with lunch, we try to crawl on the table. Remember those days I could put him in the high chair to keep him contained? Yea, me neither.

What’s better than playing with trains?

When Mommy’s friends have pretty little girls with cute bows that want to play trains with me. 

Post-bath pillow delivery from Super Mitchell in his super hero towel. And just his super hero towel. 

And this is where I find him when I have to divert my attention to Julia crying like she hasn’t eaten in a month. Because 30 minutes of no eating can feel like 30 days, I hear ya Julia. 

“Wait, you mean I’m not a super hero?”

These dogs are ever-patient with our kids. They get their tails pulled and stepped on and crawled over. And they don’t bat an eye. Just pass out slobbery kisses like they’re going out of style. 

Even when Mitchell in his glory of mismatched pajamas steals their dinner and brings it in the playroom. He particularly enjoys hogging the bowl and hand-feeding Loki. And poor Loki plays right along. I swear he’ll grow up and stop torturing you someday, Loki. 

We’re learning the hard way the vacuum doesn’t turn on when it’s unplugged. World ending – says Mitchell.

We insist on brushing our own teeth now. I realize more everyday that he’s growing up right before my eyes, and I don’t want to miss a second of it. 

Sent these out [finally]. We slacked on the Christmas cards this year, and a moving announcement. Moving will do that to you. So they just got thrown together with the birth announcement. I must give credit to my mother-in-law for finding this adorable layout, taking charge on ordering them, putting together the envelopes, and leaving them on the counter to stare at me everyday until I mailed them. Because if she hadn’t done that, they might have doubled as her first birthday party invitation. 

We play with Play-Doh. 

Until we decide we’re done and get this ominous, ornery little face.  

Which tells me to act quick or Zoe will snatch it up and our Play-Doh supply will be out yet another color. 

We lock the dogs in their kennel and bark at them. Poor Zoe. So patient, I can’t tell you enough. 

And then we lock ourselves in the kennel. Don’t buy a playhouse – get a dog kennel. Endless entertainment for children, practical household use. Can’t go wrong. 

We Facetime Grandma and Grandpa during breakfast. 

At which time we decide to show off our ability to scoop yogurt using only a spoon and our mouth. 

Meanwhile, Julia just lays around growing out of newborn outfits and watching the madhouse she will be so grateful to call home someday. 

Oh, and guess who is a crib sleeper now. That’s right, Julia! She got kicked out of the basinet (Pack&Play) in our room and is officially sleeping in her nursery! More on that later.

It may only last until nap time is over, but I try to get my house looking like this at least once a day. 

Reasons I love Saturday’s with the hubby home? He puts up with my honey-do list. He lets me take a nap. The house gets cleaned. He helps with the kids. We order pizza. And when he goes to play his late night pick-up hockey game, I get to crawl in bed and sneak Mitchell snuggles for a few hours until he gets home. That’s where you’ll find me tonight 🙂 

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