Snow Day

The day began like any other. Running errands, aka hauling my enormous stroller carrying both children with no less than four layers of clothing and two blankies each in and out of the car. Today’s adventure was to the vet! So lucky Loki came along for the ride. Mitchell insists on being the bearer of the leash these days, and it doesn’t count if Mommy is holding the end. No one else can touch it. Unless, of course, he sees a dog that looks potentially more fun. Then he releases Loki into the chew toy aisle of PetsMart so he can bark at his new friend. [He being Mitchell – my dog is trained to not bark at strange dogs. My child, on the other hand, barks at every dog he sees].

We left with a clean bill of health for Loki and 12 months worth of Trifexis so I can avoid a trip to the vet for a year. Happy puppy mom. Only to discover North Carolina’s definition of a blizzard outside – a whole 1/10th inch of snow making it’s best attempt to cover the parking lot! I thought we were going to escape this winter without our annual one day of snow, but no! Mitchell says, “Hold up – snow in North Carolina?!”

“Get me out of this play room – I’m building a snowman!”

Mitchell marched his big self outside ready to play in the “oh!” I’m just going to assume he meant “snow!” and learned a new word today – even though it’s more likely he was really just saying his multipurpose”oh” like he does 4,000 other times during the day. 

He then proceeded to march himself in circles around the yard for 15 minutes. Apparently “oh!” is fun to walk in. 

When you live in the south, this is the extent of your snow boot collection. AKA rain boots that can double as snow boots with two [or three] pairs of warm socks.
When I got tired of following Mitchell in his endless circles, we headed to the backyard to see how the dogs were surviving the blizzard. I think Loki was a little confused, being that it was his first time seeing snow. Not that Zoe is an expert because she’s only seen it a pawful of times herself. But Mitchell decided a game of fetch was in order to warm them up to the idea of our little backyard winter wonderland. They’ve since come inside and are currently recovering from the great outdoors, snoring next to me on the couch, where they will most likely stay until dinner. 

Mitchell got to see a little snow last year, but this year was much more fun since he was so curious!

Mitchell’s cheeks got rosy and I used that as my excuse to bring us all inside since my feet were freezing. We concluded our snow fun with some graham crackers. One of the two remaining ingredients from last week’s s’mores. I’ll let you guess which ingredient I’ve managed to finish off. Chocolate-lovers out there, I sympathize with you. 

Then it was today’s tenth round of reading every book on his shelves.

And a cold bottle of milk. Still wearing our awesome snow pants and fuzzy hat we refused to let Mommy take off.  

And eventually he started looking a liiiiiiitle tired. 

Meanwhile Julia’s over here like – Finally! Nap time! I’ve been waiting all day to snuggle Mommy on the couch and watch last night’s Bachelor! And now we’re just waiting for Steve to come home. They’ve had weather delays and snow days already this year for rain, and the day it actually snows he’s stuck at work. Hoping the eight hours of snow left in the forecast builds up enough to keep him home tomorrow, but not close the gym. Could I be so lucky?

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. So much fun! I was hoping for a little bit of snow while we were home for Christmas, but no such luck. Looks like you two had the best time!
    And Mitchell's reading nook – oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!


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