Life Lately 3.1.15

Hey there, March. You snuck up on me. Our weekend started off with a bang. Steve was sent home from work at n.o.o.n. I heard his Jeep pull in the driveway and assumed he was home for lunch, only to find out he was done for the day! Funny story, they had a competition at work and his team won! So I asked, “How did you win?” Silly of me to assume they had a high test score or something along those lines. “We were the only ones that didn’t die” [a simulated death], he replies. Reassuring? Perhaps the fact that he “lived” is, but I think I can speak for all wives involved when I say the whole premise of the scenario is a little unsettling. Anyway, husband home early as the grand prize for the win. Just as nap time was starting. Did we use our time wisely? Absolutely, you can never go wrong with a sweatpants and Friends marathon. 

I’ve been finishing all kinds of projects around the house. My husband thinks I’m crazy because just as I decide something is finished, it sparks three more projects. Like these big prints above our dresser. Now I am trying to decide to decorate the top of the dresser. I LOVE them though! They are straight across from our bed, so I can just lay there and stare at their sweet faces. And they cost a grand total of $10, which is part of their appeal. They were big ‘ol engineering prints [$1 each], I built the frame with some cheap wood and L brackets, and adhered them with some mod podge I already had. All while Steve was out of town for work and I had two kids toted around with me everywhere to get the supplies. I’m actually quite proud of them, especially the picture of Mitchell that required dragging him around the kitchen floor with my left hand and picture-taking with my right in order to get him to lay down and smile simultaneously. He made me work.

I don’t want to jinx this, so maybe knock on a piece of wood after the next three paragraphs for me. After writing about Mitchell’s teensy tiny [five word] vocabulary, none of which are really useful, he’s finally starting to add some more words! He spit out a “wow” when we turned on his nighttime stars. Heart. Melted. It happened twice so I wasn’t just imagining it either. 

While I was doing laundry, I got a “Ma, go!” Who cares if he was scolding me? He’s said Mama twice this week and that’s two times more than he’s said it in the last six months! Just a little emotional over here.

He asked for a “ba ba” for the first time ever! And last, but not least, he said “bye bye” when Steve went outside to the garage. We’re making huge strides in the language department over here, people. I knew once it started it would come quick. And I think it’s starting. He’s nearly doubled his vocabulary in the last three days [and he legitimately has if we’re not counting than animal sounds as words… desperate Mama over here definitely says quack and woof count though]. So go knock now. 

Onto other news, Julia, aka crazy hair, still sits over here looking cute, plotting her next plan to decide she wants something the second you sit down. Oh, you got me three blankets, a full bottle, and changed my diaper? Changed my mind, I’m not hungry, go find a pacifier in the car because I’ve hidden mine in the land of the never-to-be-found pacifiers, aka the cracks of the couch. 

We’ve been playing a lot of baseball lately.

He may not understand the wearing-the-glove-right-side-up concept [I’m not calling it a lost cause quite yet, he’s really trying], but he has mastered perfect squat form. I’m envious. I see an olympic lifter in my future little workout buddy. Never too early, right?

The weekend actually turned up some nice weather for once. I’m desperately hoping spring is here to stay, because Mitchell, Loki, I, Zoe, and Julia need to get out of the house. [In that order]. 

Steve’s outside at work all day, whether it’s cold or not. We, on the other hand, are fair-weather park goers.

Julia being the least pleased with cold weather. Thanks for the cool pink jacket Grandma.

But I’m only satisfied with 14 blankets and a bottle to go with it. I can’t say I blame her. How comfy does that look?

The teeth brushing routine never ceases to amaze me. He’s got his heart set on doing it on his own. And when he refuses to let me do it and throws a tantrum on the floor, the joke’s on him because his mouth is wiiiiide open for the toothbrush when he yells. But when it’s his turn, he’s happy as can be. Those toddler mood swings are something else. 

While we’re on the Mitchell subject [like we ever aren’t], sometimes it’s just too much work to crawl in the bed for nap time, so we sleep on the floor.

 I love it when he wakes up from nap time like this.

Not so much like this. 

But he generally snaps out of it pretty quickly.

I’m recycling this picture from Instagram, but this is what it looks like when my car gets cleaned. Or underneath the couch. Or Mitchell’s bed. Or the playroom. Or pretty much any room in the house. Pacifiers get lost around here like socks in a dryer. And it’s always the best when you find one you haven’t seen in a month. While we’re on the laundry analogies, like a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans. The best. 

When Mitchell isn’t allowed to steal Daddy’s lunch…

… he empties the contents of the refrigerator to make his own. He didn’t quite understand that orange juice, chicken broth, and ketchup combo aren’t going to taste good, no matter how much ketchup you add. 

And when Daddy works on Mommy’s honey-do list, Mitchell thinks the drill is the only toy worth playing with in a room full of toys. With finding the most inconvenient spot in the room to play in as a close second. 

On a more serious note, I think we discovered a possible allergy [sensitivity] this week. [Noooooooo!!] His boring health assessment just got a little interesting, darn it. We were feeling a little crazy and threw a few strawberries into his boring old banana smoothie. We eat these shirtless since there’s no point in trying to keep him clean. And once we were all cleaned, up he had a big old rash everywhere the smoothie was. Since strawberries were the only mystery ingredient [the bananas and ice have been proven safe], it looks like no strawberries for awhile. Given that my hands break out in a rash whenever I cut them up for anyone [I can’t eat them], I’m just going to go ahead and say he inherited this annoying little gene from his mom. 

In the kid-free news, we took advantage of our new nanny and hit the town for a date night. We ate pizza and played adult league hockey. And since it doesn’t start until 10:15pm [the worst], I even stayed out after midnight – like the non-boring night-life living person I am not!

Daddy’s boots are fun to play with. And even more fun when we leave them right in the middle of the doorway for Mommy to trip on! I am suspicious that Mitchell has challenged Steve to a most-Mommy-trips challenge, because I swear these things are always jumping out to get me. Paranoid? I think not.

That’s pretty much our week in a drawn-out picture-overdose nutshell. I think these Life Lately posts are going to become a regular thing, as long as I can stay on top of my picture editing. [The picture taking definitely isn’t a problem – that camera rarely leaves my sight]. The most exciting of all the exciting news – our friends Lindsay and Maybree are coming to see us for a whole week! And they will be here in two days! You better believe we’ll be back to tell that story 🙂 Happy weekend, friends.

One thought on “Life Lately 3.1.15

  1. Yes to the pacy abyss. Seriously they just disappear. We had to buy some more “in case” ones these weekend. And kudos to you on taking the kids out with dogs! I am too nervous to attempt both dogs and baby by myself.


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