Two Months of Julia

We’re wrapping up our second month with Julia and it feels like she’s been here forever. I can’t imagine life without my babies now, and I really wonder what I did with all that free time when I didn’t have two sets of diapers to change and two sets of bottles to wash. I love these kids more than I could ever tell them. I also have been a little out of control with the pictures lately – I’ve upgraded my camera and computer in the last few months. I have oh-so-much to learn, and they are perfect little test subjects. This little peach crocheted dress was one of our first baby gifts from her Great Aunt Christeen, and the second I opened it I knew it would be perfect for pictures. 

In our second month, things really calmed down. It took the entire first month to get the boxes unpacked, and most of the second month to get everything, organized and hung where we want it. Which has allowed us to establish routines and figure out a groove, making the days much more manageable and [dare I say it?] relaxing. She moved from our bedside to her crib, which was about the same time we transitioned Mitchell. She’s not quite sleeping through the night, but her sleeping patterns have only improved since we moved her, so I’d say the transition went well. Right now we got to bed about 9:00 pm, wake up around 3:30-4:30am bottle, and then again for the morning about 7:30am. A few times we’ve even made it through the night, so no complaints there! Hopefully that’ll become more frequent in the next month, but time will tell 🙂

She loves the swing and will hang out in there most of the day if I let her. We haven’t started naps in the crib, for no reason in particular. Mostly because she just falls asleep in her swing and we leave her there until she wakes up a few hours later. She loves tummy time. She’s been indoctrinated into Zoe and Loki’s pack with her daily dose of puppy kisses, which she doesn’t seem to mind [too much]. Most of the time I don’t notice until she starts fussing, and I have to tell them to cool it on the puppy kisses. She is eating like a horse. Looking back on the blog, she’s eating more than Mitchell was at this age – about 8 ounces every 2.5-3 hours. [Glad I have good eaters, but goodness, formula is expensive!] Not sure on a weigh-in yet, since her appointment isn’t until the end of the week, and I’m excited to see if she’s outgrown Mitchell’s statistics! She’s out of nearly all her newborn clothes and wearing 0-3 month clothes. She’s in Size 2 diapers, but she went straight from Newborn’s to Size 2’s since we had two huge boxes of them and I want to make sure we don’t have any leftover when she outgrows them! 

I just love cuddling this sweet thing. My favorite times are Mitchell’s nap time when the house is completely quiet, and after Mitchell’s bedtime when Steve and I are Netflix binging on the couch [our current obsession is Friends]. I guess I just love cuddling her when Mitchell is sleeping because I don’t have to get up every ten minutes to get him something. 

So there’s a quick rundown on month two. We have a few things planned for month three – at the top of the list is meeting Grandpa Brim! 

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