Family Photos for Four

This time I had a completely legitimate reason for convincing my husband to spend an evening taking family pictures – we have a new family member. Can’t really argue with that, can you? So I raided our closets for the most casually coordinated outfits I could find, and scoped out the best day in the forecast while our friend Lindsay was visiting. I love Lindsay for many reasons, including the fact that her family was one of our very first military friends and she completely understands our crazy little life and the love-hate relationship we have with the Marine Corps. But at the top of the list of reasons I love Lindsay is the fact that she is as obsessed with her camera as I am, and is willing to take our family pictures every time she visits. [I return the favor, so it’s a fair deal.] I love my little family more than I could describe in an entire novel, let alone a little paragraph in a blog post. So you can imagine how thrilled I am to have our very first set of family pictures including little Julia! I will treasure them forever and ever, and yes, they are already blown up in my living room.

Side note: Who brought too-small shoes for Mitchell that he couldn’t even squeeze into? Yep, me. Major mom fail. So we just embraced the barefoot look. Whoops.

Hope you enjoy the picture overload below because I can’t pick a favorite 😀

5 thoughts on “Family Photos for Four

  1. These are amazing! The silhouette photos are awesome.
    There might have been a time – like, say, Marcus' 1-year photos – where I grabbed a navy shoe and a black shoe… And both were for the left foot… Sooooo, we may have had to just take pictures in socks. Whoops. 🙂


  2. Thank you Desiree! I had been looking forward to having them done for so long, and I am over the moon with how they turned out! I was annoyed with myself at first, but I figured it could have been his shirt or pants (or Steve's shoes), so it could have been a much bigger whoops 🙂 I would love to take your family pictures (or maternity pictures!!) sometime but we're always headed back to the midwest at different times!


  3. These are great. I actually think the barefoot look worked in your favor. It is totally kidtastic to have both of them barefoot. It just seems perfect that way. Also where do you do your large prints? I am wanting to do some of ours but I am always too nervous to order because I am not sure they will come out in good quality.


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