Sweet & Silly

I wanted some sweet pictures with Julia. Because she is just the sweetest little thing and I love to love her so terribly much. Probably why Daddy gave her the name Sweet Pea. I could not be more thrilled to be a “girl mom” now… and dressing her up like a baby doll is by far my favorite part of our morning routine. If Mitchell is any indicator, it’s only going to get more fun as we go. But I’ve also learned this sweet stage disappears too quickly and then she’ll be chasing Mitchell and I’ll be chasing them both. I wanted pictures of her with her Mommy and Daddy to document her newness and easiness of a newborn. Before it’s gone. 

As adorable and sweet as those pictures are, they aren’t at all what it’s like around here 98% of the time. Most of the time it’s crazy and hectic and someone is crying or squealing [Mitchell] or shrieking [Mitchell] or screaming [Mitchell]. Someone almost always has at least one dog jumping on them, and if they’re lucky they get double dogged with their 150 combined pounds of overzealous love and endless shedding fur. So I also wanted a few pictures of what it’s really like around here. Welcome to the nuthouse.

I. can’t. pick. a. favorite. 

Steve’s face captures how we are feeling most all of the time. 

Okay, this might be my favorite. Hi Loki.

As always, thank you to our amazing family photographer [Lindsay Shank Photography]. 

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