The Worst Part

I love this military life. Despite a looming deployment in our future and missing our families, I’ll still say I love it. We have a wonderful home, and Steve’s career has completely supported us in his five+ years as a Marine. I’ve wanted for nothing and feel beyond blessed everyday. But there are hard parts too. One of the worst parts is all of the amazing friends we’ve made. You’d think that is a good thing [and it is], but ultimately you know there is an inevitable goodbye in every friendship. Sooner or later one of you will move, whether it’s to another duty station or on from the military. 

I’ve gotten lucky. Friends are hard to make, or at least really good friends. The people that you don’t feel like you need to clean your house for. The people that text you everyday even though you haven’t seen them in months. The people who understand your military life and share the same struggles that non-military families just don’t quite understand. [Don’t get me wrong though, we have some amazing friends from before we did the whole military life thing.] We have Navy friends in Florida expecting a sweet new girl this month and I would give anything to hold that sweet little thing and take too many pictures of her for her amazing momma. I have another Navy friend in Florida who also has two babies under two, who I got to be pregnant with during pregnancies #2, and I feel like I have known her forever. [This friend is coming to see us next month though and I am thrilled!] 

Moving back to North Carolina was so exciting because so much of it was familiar, but many of our friends have moved on or out from the military, so North Carolina isn’t quite the same as when we left it. I am grateful for our friends who are still here, but even those people are already talking about leaving! It never ends! 

Needless to say, military life isn’t quite like living around your hometown, where many of the people you knew growing up are still there once you’re grown up. The plus side of the constant moving and leaving is that we know some amazing people in a lot of places. And being able to reconnect with them is so exciting. So when my friend Lindsay told me she was coming to see us in North Carolina [for a whole week!] I was beyond excited. [And so was Steve – although he was a bit disappointed her hubby had to work and couldn’t come]. We didn’t do anything exciting really. Most of our usual activities… shopping…

eating and sitting on the couch…

taking pictures…

and dragging our babies around to all of these activities. [The PX is a must.]

We’re fully planning on our husbands being the old vets with the trophy hats filled with OEF pins reminiscing their old war stories in 50 years. 

Maybree and Mitchell have pictures together starting [when I was still pregnant] when Mitchell was two days old. Maybree’s duck kisses are the funniest. She chased him around with them all week. Not that we encouraged it or anything 😉

They still see each other regularly, but not all the time, so they don’t quite remember each other yet when we get together. Maybree is just shy of nine months older than Mitchell. But once they warmed up to each other they played and played and played! It’s so fun to have two kids of playing-age around here, and that’ll be Mitchell and Julia here in less than a year!

There were a few disagreements over who actually got the toys. Mitchell usually gave in and just let her have whatever she wanted. [Smart man.]

And the 3 hours of pushing each other down the slide. This $5 garage sale find was one of the best $5 I’ve ever spent. They’d each sit at the top and wait for the other to give a little push, over and over and over. So adorable!

Lindsay cooked us some of the most amazing food. Like chicken parmesan and cheese and bacon hotdogs. Giving Steve all these high expectations and stuff. Don’t worry, he definitely doesn’t go hungry around here though. 

Maybree helped wake Mitchell up from nap time and they read books together 🙂 They were quacking and mooing away at the duck and cow in their book!

And when the weather was nice, we got out of the house and headed to the park! 

Best buds swinging away. 

We had so much fun with our military friends! It was sad to see them go, and know they’re no longer just on the other side of base housing. Fear not, we are already planning our next visit together, and our visits  are of course always blog-worthy material. Last but not least, a quick Sunday morning pre-church picture with Miss Julia! She’s much easier to take pictures with than Mitchell 😉 Lots of posts lately but lots going on around here! Now to get ready for Grandma and Grandpa Brim who will be here in four days!!!!

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