Our Home – Family Room

It’s no secret to anyone who knows us that we’re admittedly lame and sincerely enjoy spending our evenings on the couch watching hours of Netflix… unless of course it’s hockey season and we’re watching hockey. Steve kicks his feet up on the coffee table, and I kick mine up on his lap, and we’re completely content. Nowadays Mitchell is [almost] sitting still for a whole episode of Curious George while Julia swings away in her swing snuggled up in a mess of blankets. It’s evenings like this I just want to cherish forever. I guess what I’m trying to say is the living room is a pretty important spot for our family, so I wanted to create a space we would enjoy spending a lot of time together.

The biggest thing we did for this room was add a new couch. I’d been eyeing this sectional online before we even bought the house. We took a trip down to the furniture store to see it in person, and I fell in love with it even more. Steve told me it looked like a guy’s couch – the kind a husband would pick out and the wife would instantly say no to. But I love the stitching and the distressed-look in the microfiber fabric that will hopefully hide the inevitable stains our kids will eventually make. It has three built in recliners – a huge bonus. I’ve always dreamed of having a sectional, but we never had a space that allowed for it. Our other set of couches we bought when we were first married, which are completely sunken in, were very appropriately passed down to the playroom where they are great for kids to watch their “toons” on 🙂

The dogs have claimed their side of the couch, and it’s a losing battle trying to get them to stay on the floor. I know, I’m a sucker for a good doggy snuggle. But they pretty much keep to this side of the couch and stay on Zoe’s snuggly Christmas blanket [we’ve had it since her first Christmas with us four years ago!], so I don’t mind too much. 

I love the hard floors on our lower level. They are super easy to clean, but not very comfortable for crawling knees. I also cringed every time the coffee table scooted around on the hard floor thinking about the scratches it would leave… so this rug solved our problems. After buying the bigger version for our dining room and loving it, it didn’t take me long to run out to Target to pick up the smaller version! In fact, I’ve now ordered two of the runner version of this rug for our upstairs hallway, which is also completely hardwood laminate. I love that they don’t show dirty paw print stains! Since they were much more affordable that many of the rugs out there I was looking at, I don’t feel too terrible when the dogs run on them or milk dribbles out of a sippy cup, because they are going to get used and abused in the next few years.

This coffee table was a flea market find in Florida. I found it one day when I was out shopping with my mother-in-law and she brought it home for our coffee-tableless living room! I am so glad it fit right into our new home. It’s distressed and has scrapes and dents, so it’s perfectly kid friendly too. Mitchell loves climbing up on top of it and sitting there to watch TV. I should probably stop him, but it’s just too cute. Side note – speaking of cute, Julia is SMILING in this picture. I could not have timed that more perfectly if I tried. Sweet dreams little darling 🙂

I am always on the hunt for the perfect throw pillow. There’s nothing better than a big, fluffy pillow to lounge on – but finding them in the right colors or coordinating patterns is always the hardest thing for me to do. How does Pottery Barn makes it look so easy!? I guess they don’t have a budget. But I found two different sets I loved at IKEA. The black&white striped pillowcases were only $5 apiece. When I saw these online, I immediately sent my mom to her local IKEA to pick them up, since we don’t have one nearby. We picked up the neutral canvas pillows on our second trip to IKEA. Added with the blanket I picked up as a backdrop for Julia’s newborn pictures, our couch decor was complete.

Our TV stand was actually a Craig’s List find when we were in Florida. It was a bargain dresser, which was surprisingly solid and perfect for the project I had in mind. The hubby got rid of the bottom six drawers and cut wood to make flat surfaces for the shelves. With a  little bit of sanding and painting and new knobs for the drawers, and we had ourselves a TV stand! I would have loved it if we bought it in a store, but knowing Steve refurbished it for me and we got a deal on it made it so much better 🙂 

This giant wall had me stumped for awhile. It’s awkward decorating around a TV. There was just so much blank wall back there. I went with my tried-and-true method of hanging a ton of picture frames. I learned size was the key. Since our TV is pretty big, it looked funny having smaller frames. Most of these are either 11×14 or 16×20 prints, with added mattes to make them look even larger. I wanted a mismatchy look with blacks and browns, and every time I went out I would pick up another frame until the wall was filled! I had some empty frames hanging up there until we had our family pictures taken last weekend, and I am loving having them all filled up! 

I am always going to love this side table! One of my college friends found it in her dad’s barn and grabbed it for our college apartment. I fell in love with it then. So two years later when we were packing up our apartment, she gave it to us for our first house! Probably because I told her pretty much everyday how awesome I thought it was and she felt like she had to give it to me. But regardless, it’s small and fits this little space perfectly… and is the perfect home for my favorite little pot and plant! [And it’s fake so I can’t kill it!]

Right now this corner is a baby corner. It will probably house our swing until she’s out of the swing and ready for the Exersaucer, and by the time she’s done with that it’ll be our Christmas tree corner. For now, though, she swings away in here and it’s our handiest place to set her down while we’re downstairs. [Upstairs we have the matching bouncer and it gets dragged from room to room constantly]. See my little helper sleeping away in there? 🙂

Over on the staircase side I added a gallery wall, and you can see my giant chalkboard on the staircase landing too. I’m adding more pictures frames as we go, because I love pictures and apparently that’s the only way I know how to decorate. I still have some empty frames to fill too, so that means I’m not taking enough pictures, right? Riiiiight.

My goal was to make this space as comfortable and kid-friendly as possible. I’m trying to make our house functional for parenting – especially since Mitchell is the type of child who needs to get into EVERYTHING. [He gets it from his dad.] I did my best to make the living room feel like its own space, but I also love having it so open, and that you can have a conversation with anyone pretty much anywhere in the downstairs. Our kitchen/dining area on the other side of the space are still a work in progress. I’ve accepted the fact that we’re going to have that high chair at the table for at least a few more years, so the eighth chair has been relocated upstairs at our desk for the foreseeable future.  

The biggest thing I want to do in the kitchen/dining area is continue decorating above the cabinets. And find some kitchen rugs! But I am [for once] doing a good job of not rushing it and waiting until I find things I really like! Probably because I have the rest of the house to decorate too 🙂 Next up on here is Mitchell and Julia’s playroom! I’ve had so much fun making them their own space to just be kids in! 

13 thoughts on “Our Home – Family Room

  1. You make it look so easy, Kourtney. Great job creating a home for your family! If you want that 8th chair back at the table you could consider a portable high chair type booster seat. That is all we ever used for Charlsey; never had a regular high chair for her. It converted to a booster seat when she was older and ready to sit up to the regular table. I can't remember for sure but ours maybe even folded for easier traveling but I'm not 100% sure on that one. Love reading your blog posts!! ~ Cherie


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