Grandma and Grandpa Go Shooting

I didn’t need the not-so-subtle hints from both my husband and my father to know a range trip would be on the agenda for the visit. “Hey, your mom will be here to babysit,” – Husband. “Hey, does Steve need to spend some time with that rifle he’s building?” – Dad. “Your dad should bring his guns, just in case,” – Husband. “So does Steve get off early enough from work to go shoot on a weekday?” -Dad. Gee, do you guys want to go to the range? Good thing I like joining in on the fun and trying to keep up with these cool guys. So Julia and Mitchell did this…

While my dad, husband, and I did this… 

This is the guy that taught me how to shoot when I was young. I earned my keep [aka my hefty Polly Pocket collection] picking up brass in our backyard shooting range growing up. I admire my dad for his dedication to passions, including shooting and fitness. Two interests I am incredibly lucky to share with him and my husband. 

Because pearl earrings and braids are always necessary at the shooting range. 

And so are selfies with this guy 😉

Grateful for family that visits us and this beautiful evening to spend outside. It’s family nights like this that we will always remember. Living far away makes me realize how special our time together is. More from Grandma and Grandpa’s visit to come 🙂

One thought on “Grandma and Grandpa Go Shooting

  1. So glad you guys got away to go to the range. It looks like tons of fun. I desperately need to go to the range to shoot my new Glock but it is hard as hell to get away these days.


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