Grandma and Grandpa Visit the Beach

A visit from either set of grandparents is about the most exciting thing that goes on around here. We love family time so much, and I do not take for granted that our children have four grandparents that love them to pieces. This time it was my parents’ turn, and when they come, you can always count on us spending some time down on Topsail Island together! We couldn’t pass up a trip down there on this perfect 80 degree St. Patrick’s Day. 

We arrived just in time to get in on Grandma and Grandpa’s beach walk! 

Grandpa taught Mitchell how to throw rocks. 

Grandma helped.

Then Mitchell took it upon himself to return every rock and seashell on Topsail Island to its rightful home in the ocean. Dream big, little man. 

Then we decided the big rocks need to go back in the ocean too. 

When we got bored [approximately 4,857 rocks later], we decided chasing birds was fun too. 

After a short nap, we headed home… and Mitchell spent another two hours in the backyard playing with the dogs. By the end of the day he was sandy, covered in dirt, and smelled of sunscreen from head to toe. Just the way a little boy should be on a beautiful day like this. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day or more perfect place or more perfect company! We are so thrilled Grandma and Grandpa are here to visit us! More to come from their visit soon 🙂 

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