Grandma and Grandpa Visit North Carolina

My parents spent their spring break driving 18 hours [each way] to come see us for six whole days!!! We were so, so happy to see them. I already posted a few of our activities, the beach [here] and the shooting range [here], but I’m back with a few of our other pictures from the week! 

Grandma spent a whole lot of time doing this. 

While Grandpa Mitchell played with Little Mitchell non-stop. 

Our two little babies have no idea how lucky they are to have four amazing grandparents that love them to death. I certainly didn’t realize it when I was their age, but learned soon enough not to take it for granted. I cherish the memories of growing up at my grandparents’ houses and I know they will too someday. I just want our children to be completely surrounded with love and adoration all the time. I want to protect them from all the ugliness of the world, and let them be carefree forever. I don’t want them to have any worries and know the constant and unconditional love of their family and Jesus. Can they just stay children forever, please?

This was the first time Julia met her Grandpa Brim, so it was definitely a special moment. 

My parents love Loki too. He did not let anyone forget he is equally as deserving of lap time as our human children. Not sure where Zoe was. People always ask me if we still have her, because Loki somehow makes it in all the pictures. He just loves the camera. He was born to pose. But yes, Zoe is around there somewhere. 

We took our tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Brim to the park! 

Grandma watched Mitchell play from her usual spot – the closest place she can sit and hold Julia. This park conveniently had rocking chairs too!

Grandpa played.

It’s all fun and games until you let go and you get launched off your rocket ship into the mulch. 

Some story time. My dad is trying to turn Mitchell into a Trekkie. 

And more snuggle time for Grandma, of course. 

Having babysitters around is great for me, because it means I get to go out and do things like grocery shop. Alone. Which makes things possible that I never thought before… like six weeks of meal planning. Ah-mazing. Our refrigerator and pantry are a beautiful sight right now. 

More time at the park, obviously. Because what more does a toddler enjoy than a good playground? 

Grandma and Grandpa going down the slide is the funniest!

We had the gloomiest weather for a trip to Mike’s Farm, but the company and food was amazing as always.

Grandpa does his best to assist with post-nap Pull-Up changes, but it mostly looks like holding him as  far away as possible and calling for help. It makes me wonder what he did when I had post-nap dirty pants when my mom wasn’t home. We’ll never know, I suppose. 

And our latest favorite activity – hockey in the front yard. Mitchell is obsessed with the stash of hockey sticks in our garage. So much that if we want to do another outdoor activity, we WILL not pass through the garage because we will have a fit on our hands if we can’t play with the hockey sticks. And if we’re playing a subpar sport in the front yard, like soccer or baseball, he makes sure to go knock on the garage door to see if the hockey sticks are home to play. So far he’s satisfied with the, “they went bye-bye” line, but it will only fool him for so long. 

That pretty much wraps up our latest visit with Grandma and Grandpa Brim. On the family front, we have Grandma and Grandpa Martin scheming their next visit in a month or so, and Uncle Colby planning to come out to see us [and the beach!] in May. Then Grandma Brim for the summer. I treasure our time with family out here, because it’s so rare. Mitchell and Julia are missing you already, Grandma and Grandpa, and we can’t wait to see you again! 

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