Life Lately 3.20.15

Here’s the latest of what’s been happening in the Martin household. 

This is definitely the best way to spend nap time. Especially when it’s the weekend and you get to add an afternoon movie date with your husband. Definitely the best. 

Don’t let her fool you though. She’s starting to have a “cranky” time of day. Somewhere between 6:30pm and 8:00pm she doesn’t look quite this peaceful. We’re chalking it up to belly pains, because after about an hour of crying, it’s like a gas block is lifted and she’s happy as a not-so-lady-like clam again. Annnnnnd I’m using rifle nomenclature to describe my daughter’s bodily functions. My dad and husband should be so proud. 

I was tempted to leave the Valentine’s chalkboard up for March, but we updated it with a new chalk design and some Polaroid pictures that were not taken with a Polaroid camera. 1. Yay for modern day technology and my amazing camera, aka third child. And 2. My brother is definitely the artist of the family  but my free-hand chalk skills are definitely improving! 

Grandma Brim got us this new toy. As much fun as it was trying to clean up dog messes along our walks while baby-wearing Julia and keeping Mitchell from escaping from the stroller to “help…” this double BOB is a welcomed treat. We’ve had it two days and it’s already had two outings. Among my favorite features are the extended canopies with tons of shade [sorry kids, blame your dad for the ginger genes] and the 5-point harness [Mitchell doesn’t care the speed, he’ll bust out of a measly 3-point restraint at the first sight of a park]. 
I went with the double snack tray option [see Mitchell breaking it in with the crumbs left from his mid-morning graham crackers] and skipped the carseat adaptor, because Julia will be sitting up here before we know it. And for now, she’s just snug as a bug sitting in her mountain of blankets that keep her from flopping over.

We’re forging on in the potty training endeavor. I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to our potty training adventures [because who doesn’t want to read about my kid’s bodily functions?], but mostly because I want to remember when we do this a short eighteen months later. But our current situation is looking promising! It took us two weeks to become a predictable bathroom goer. 10:45 am everyday – it’s potty time. Like clockwork. Amazing. He was surprisingly easy to potty train – so long as he has no underpants on. He’ll walk straight over and sit on that munchkin sized potty and go by himself, no problem. In fact, we’re 5/6 today! Our two biggest challenges have been 1. he’s not quite coordinated to pull those underpants down without help, and 2. since our 10 word vocabulary doesn’t include “potty,” it can be easy to miss the “signal.” AKA the pre-potty look of concentration. But with the amount of success we’ve experienced, we’re definitely not looking back and we’re enjoying the money saved with the 2-pull-up-a-day regimen – nap time and night time only. Woohoo! 

We wore all wore green for St. Patrick’s Day. She was the cutest, obviously, so I’ll just leave you with Julia’s picture. Just imagine it without the formula stains. We didn’t start the day like this.

We got new Nike’s. We just went ahead and jumped on up to the Size 10 to avoid replacing them in two weeks. Goodness, boys grow like crazy. They looked this white for about .2 seconds. Praise the heavens for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

While we’re on the subject of growing kids, my mom’s friend has been passing on all of her sons’ clothes to us as they outgrow them. We got another shipment of 4T’s and 5T’s. Don’t bother looking for white kids hangers at the PX any time soon. I bought them all. And still need more. But actually, don’t bother at all because they’re 1/3 of the cost at Walmart. But so not worth the drive across town. Beyond grateful for Mrs. Coup’s generosity, and Mitchell, along with all future baby boy Martin’s, are completely set in the clothing department until kindergarten!

Our house got hit by a bug this week I’m about 95% sure was brought home by an unnamed person in this house from Sunday School. I’ll give you a hint, he’s a toddler with a nose better described as a faucet at the moment. I’ll be glad I can stop following him around to wipe his nose every two minutes, but I can’t be mad because we may have made the Sunday School teacher change two accidents during one service. Mitchell says – “give me a break! It was only Day 3!”

Speaking of church going, this girl enjoyed matching Mommy in our sweater dresses last week. The cutest. [Her, not me.]

Our friends from our last duty station [Eglin Air Force Base], Marly and Nick, welcomed their precious baby girl this week! I am so thrilled for them and Julia can’t wait to meet her littlest friend, Mila 🙂 

Since it’s been warm, I’ve been throwing the three monsters, ahem, kid and dogs, in their pen, ahem, fenced backyard. It may not be big, but it sure does feel like a luxury. I lather him up in sunscreen and leave him out there until he’s covered in dirt (approximately 2 hours of the day accounted for), and then carry him straight to the bathtub (another 1 hour of the day), and he’s the happiest of little boys for those three hours. And plenty tired to then play quietly, making me the happiest of moms. Win all around. So much of a win, in fact, I’ve been eyeing backyard swing sets that I think we have just enough room to accommodate. [Second birthday present maybe?] We have parks all around, but it’d be a great non-indoor option on the days I don’t want to spend two hours sitting on the bench at the park watching him play. 

Because Julia and I spend no less than ten hours a week at one of the many parks to choose from in the neighborhood. I pick different ones for a change of scenery. So I can scope out our neighbors’ front door wreaths and porch furniture and important things like that. The only trick is finding a way to get there that doesn’t involve walking past another park. Yes, I will walk twice the distance if necessary, because the world ends if we pass a park we can’t stop to play at. 

There’s some Mitchell logic for you. No swing unswung. No slide unslid. No ladder unclimbed. You get the point. 

Well, that about wraps up our last few weeks. It feels like we’ve been busy… I think because we’ve been spending so much time outside. I’ve been doing my best to not stress if the floors don’t get vacuumed for a day or we skip a day of folding laundry. Because this beautiful weather has been such a treat and the chores will be waiting for me when we get back. That about wraps up our oh-so-exciting life, so I’ll leave you with this pre-bedtime gem. Flashlights make the best toys. Good night 🙂 

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